The Training Branch provides firefighters with operational training and skills development.

The Surrey Fire Service must constantly adapt to the challenges presented by British Columbia's fastest growing community. Our Training Branch is responsible for ensuring we have the skills we need to ensure the city is well protected from a wide range of hazards.

The Surrey Fire Service's Training Branch provides firefighters with continuous operational training and skills development. Firefighters encounter situations demanding quick decisions based on special skills, judgment and creativity.

A comprehensive training program is essential to ensure firefighters are able to target operational efficiency with an emphasis on safe operating procedures.

Picture of High Angle Training

Program delivery includes training courses in:

  • apparatus driving
  • hazardous materials response
  • high angle rope skills
  • confined space
  • water rescue
  • technical rescue
  • core firefighting skills

Formal training and certification is also conducted for firefighters and fire officers in conjunction with local educational institutes and universities.

The Training Branch consists of a Chief of Training, full-time Training Officers and relief trainers and field technicians. The training staff is dedicated to creating and implementing quality training programs that reflect the needs and changing responsibilities of the Surrey Fire Service.

Fire Extinguisher Training

The Training Branch also offers fire extinguisher training to organizations and workplaces. Get information on the fire extinguisher training program.