See how the Surrey Fire Service operates and learn about its community service efforts.

The Surrey Fire Service (SFS) provides a high level of life and property safety through Public Education, Prevention Services, Fire Control, Emergency Medical Services and Environmental Preservation.

This commitment is to ensure the safety of residents and visitors in our City and safeguard the general economic welfare of the community.

The first documented record of an organized Fire Brigade in Surrey was on May 3, 1898. It was not until 1952 that Surrey's first full-time Fire Chief was appointed. Currently, the Surrey Fire Service is a department within the City of Surrey's government, as per the Fire Services Bylaw No. 10771.

Divisions & Branches

The SFS is divided into 5 divisions:

The Surrey Fire Service also includes 3 branches:

  • Fire Prevention,
  • Suppression (including Hazardous Materials and Technical Rescues), and
  • Training.

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Fire Hall Locations

See the locations of our fire halls.

Goals & Objectives

The Surrey Fire Service‚Äôs goals and objectives help each division provide the best emergency response possible to our community.

  • Provide a timely response for all services through a highly trained, skilled, and efficient force.
  • Reduce the incidence of injury, loss of life, and property damage by providing public education programs, fire cause investigation, and prevention services to secure public safety and code compliance.
  • Conform to Government Acts, Regulations, City Bylaws, and policies thereby mitigating liabilities/losses to the City's assets attributed to personal, property or environmental litigations.
  • Be responsive to local and global economics so that our service model reflects the needs of the community we serve and the changing technologies that influence cost effective delivery of services to recognized standards.
  • Acknowledge and seek to balance the interest of private and corporate clients, employees, suppliers and the public at large, taking into account their differing social, cultural and economic characteristics.
  • Maintain the highest standards of integrity in the conduct of all phases of the Fire Service business.

Surrey Firefighters Association

The Surrey Firefighters Association was organized in 1957 to become Local 1271 of the International Association of Firefighters (IAFF).

The current terms of employment for Surrey Firefighters can be found in our Collective Agreement.

Community Service

The Surrey Fire Service is very proactive in the community. Some of the programs we have developed include the Backpack Program, the HomeSafe Program, and the CPR and First Aid Program.

Surrey Fire Service Backpack Program

The Surrey Fire Service Backpack program helps firefighters communicate valuable information to residents. Each frontline apparatus carries a red Community Service Backpack that contains a binder with valuable brochures on a wide range of topics such as fire safety, what to do after a fire, community programs, our charitable society, and career or volunteer employment opportunities within the Surrey Fire Service.

The backpacks also contain pencils, erasers, stickers, zipper pulls, and felt markers for the children we encounter.

Surrey Firefighters Charitable Society

When our firefighters are off duty, they stay involved in their community through the Surrey Firefighters Charitable Society, which is administered by the Surrey Firefighters Association.

 Some of the programs our members assist with are the:

If you or your association would like to partner with the Surrey Firefighter Charities, please use the Charities Request Form.


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