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April 2023 - Cancer in female firefighters: The clinicobiological, psychological, and social perspectives. This study explored how demographic characteristics, life experiences, and firefighting exposures have an impact on cancer among female firefighters, and described the types and biologic characteristics of cancers as reported by
women in the fire service.


May 2019 - "Structure Fires in British Columbia" Exploring Variations in Outcomes as a Function of Building Height and Life Safety Systems

May 2019 - "Essentials of Leadership in Government: Understanding the Basics" (Chinese Version)


December 2018 - "Anti-Idling Technology on Fire Service Vehicles" An Evaluation of the Benefits

August 2018 - "Assessing the Safety of Smart Meter Installations in British Columbia" Analysis of Residential Structure Fires in BC between July 2010 and June 2018

August 2018 - "Determinants of Injury and Death in Police Officers August 2018"

August 2018 - "Construction Fire Mitigation" Improving Fire Resistance of Wood Products

July 2018 - "Improving In-building Radio Communications for First Responders"

May 2018 - "Examining the Relationship Between Firefighter Injuries and Fatalities in the Built Environment" A case for reducing the risk to firefighters through adequate firefighting experience,

April 2018 - "Illicit Drug Overdoses" Fire First Responders on the Front Line in Surrey and Vancouver, British Columbia

February 2018 - "Determinants of Injury and Death in Canadian Firefighters" - A Case for a National Firefighter Wellness Surveillance System

February 2018 - "Sprinkler Systems and Residential Structure Fires Revisited" Exploring the Impact of Sprinklers for Life Safety and Fire Spread

January 2018 - "Residential Fire Injury and Death Rates" A Statistical Analysis Pre and Post 1975


December 2017 - "The Right Decision" Evidence-based Decision Making for Fire Service Professionals (updated)

December 2017 - "The Right Decision Workbook" Evidence-based Decision Making for Fire Service Professionals (updated)

October 2017 - "Measuring What Matters" Performance Measurement in Local Government Operations

July 2017 - "Patterns of Police, Fire, and Ambulance Calls-for-Service" Scanning the Spatio-Temporal Intersection of Emergency Service Problems

March 2017 - "Designing Out Crime" (Chinese Version)

March 2017 - "A Response to Illicit Drug Overdoses" Naloxone Administration in Surrey and Vancouver, British Columbia"

January 2017 - "The Reduction of Parking Restrictions around Fire Hydrants" An Examination of Parking Distances and Setback Regulations


November 2016 - "Designing Out Crime"

September 2016 - "Life Safety Systems, Fire Department Intervention, and Residential Fire Outcomes" Analysis of 28 Years of BC Fire Incident Reports: 1988-2015

September 2016 - "Occupational Health and Safety at Surrey Engineering Operations" An Examination of Frequency, Severity, and Temporal Aspects

August 2016 - "The Right Decision" (Chinese Version) Evidence-based Decision Making for Government Professionals

August 2016 - "The Right Decision Workbook" (Chinese Version) Evidence-based Decision Making Workbook for Government Professionals

June 2016 - "Targeted Residential Fire Risk Reduction" A Summary of At-Risk Areas in Canada

May 2016 - "Distressed Properties" Pathways of Decline and the Emergence of Public Safety Risk

May 2016 - "Fire Safety at Recovery Houses" Non- Compliance with the British Columbia Fire Code and Implications for Life Safety

February 2016 - "Firefighter Cancer Screening and Surveillance Letter" - This letter is provided to doctors for information on screening for emergency responders

February 2016 - "Exhaust Extraction System" - O.G. to ensure any harmful vapour is managed by the Exhaust Extraction System

February 2016 - "Personal Protective Clothing Equipment (PPE) Maintenance" - O.G. to ensure PPE is maintained in good condition.


December 2015- "The Right Decision" Evidence-based Decision Making for Government Professionals

December 2015- "The Right Decision Workbook" Evidence-based Decision Making Workbook for Government Professionals

October 2015 - "The Right Decision Workbook (Chinese Version) Evidence-based Decision Making Workbook for Police Service Professionals"

September 2015 - "The Right Decision (Chinese Version) Evidence-based Decision Making for Police Service Professionals"

August 2015 - "Whether You are a Police Chief or Fire Chief Switching from a White Shirt: What's the Big Deal" Looking at the trend of Fire and Police Chiefs switching from white to blue shirts and why it may not be a good idea.

July 2015 - "Firefighters and Cancer" Understanding the risk factors within an environment of change.

May 2015 - "Firefighter Injuries in British Columbia" An examination of the frequency, severity, locational and temporal aspects of firefighter injuries.

May 2015 - "The Right Decision Workbook" Evidence-based decision making workbook for Police Service Professionals.

May 2015 - "The Right Decision" Evidenced -based decision making for Police Service Professionals.

March 2015 - "Firefighter Wood Product and Building Systems Awareness" A Resource Guide for Firefighters.

March 2015 - "Survey of Fire Service Professionals" Where do they look for sources of professional development?

February 2015 - "The Right Decision Workbook" Evidenced-based Decision Making for the Fire Service Professionals.


September 2014 - "Emergency Motor Vehicle Crashes in British Columbia" An examination of the evidence related to the current discussion around emergency vehicle crashes.

August 2014 - "Surrey Fire Service MVA Assessment Report" A review of Surrey Fire Service's motor vehicle accident response assessment model.

July 2014 - "Eliminating Crime" The 7 Essential Principles of Police-based Crime Reduction.

March 2014 - "The Right Decision" Evidence-based decision making for fire service professionals.


November 2013 - "Canadian Fire Community of Practice" The intermediate science and technology priorities of the Canadian Fire Service.

September 2013 - "Reframing Situational Awareness within the Fire Service" An examination of the literature related to situational awareness.

March 2013 - "Attendance Management Program Update" Managing absenteeism.


October 2012 - "Report on the Feasibility of a Canadian National Fire Information Database" Examining the feasibility of a national fire information database for Canada.

September 2012 - FIREFighting in Canada: "Focus on Fitness 2012: An Ounce of Prevention"
B.C. doctor and union join forces to spread message about proper protection to guard against cancers.


December 2011 - FIREFighting in Canada: "Moving up"
System uses data from past calls to calculate probability, staff stations accordingly and improve costs, efficiency.

November 2011 - FIREFighting in Canada: "Keeping Track"
A project to explore a national database for fire statistics.

May 2011- FIREFighting in Canada: "The Disaster After the Disaster"
An article on the importance of contingency planning in emergency preparation.

April 2011 - RCMP Gazette: "Pooling Resources: MVA Response Improves Use of Fire, Police Services"
Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Response Procedures improves Use of Fire, Police Resources.


November 2010 - FIREFighting in Canada: "Joint MVA Initiative Improves Use of Fire, Police Resources"
Surrey's joint MVA initiative use of fire, police resources at collision scenes saves time and money.

September 2010 - FIREFighting in Canada: "A View from the West: The Challenges Faced by the Fire Service in the West" Portrays the state and challenges faced by the fire service in the west and the value of master planning.

April 2010 - FIREFighting in Canada: "Resource Allocation" Risk-assessment approach that prioritizes calls at times of high call volumes for a more strategic response.

September 2010 - "Attendance Management Program" Managing attendance in the fire service.


December 2009 - Introductory Letter: "Downed Lines Task Force" Letter introducing the purpose of the Downed Lines Task Force.

December 2009 - "Downed Lines Task Force" Final report addressing mutual response to downed powerlines.

December 2009 - Status of Recommendations: "Downed Line Task Force" Evaluation of the measures taken to-date with regards to mutual response to downed powerlines.


April 2008 - FIREFighting in Canada: "Calculating Probability to Improve Emergency Response" Surrey Fire Service employs a real-time automated planning tool to provide better.

December 2008 - "Rising to the Challenge: Improving Fire Efficiency" Community Safety National Report from the U.K. Fire Service.


October 2004 - Canadian Firefighter and EMS Quarterly: "Intersection Traffic Signal Preemption Systems" Preemption systems were introduced in 2003 to give priority to emergency vehicles at traffic signals, ultimately expediting responses and reducing costs.


December 2002 - "The Future of the Fire Service: Reducing Risk, Saving Lives" The Independent Review of the Fire Service (UK)

April 2002 - "Reducing Uncertainties for Predicting Annual Staffing Costs" How to manage staffing costs while meeting the NFPA 1710 Professional Standards.


November 2000 - "Fire Services Review" Balancing cost and customer service.