Nature Activity Kits for Teachers are currently unavailable.

Get your class outdoors to experience your local environment with a self-guided Nature Activity Kit! Borrow one for free for up to two weeks, and choose from the following themes:


Can you spot a squirrel’s nest? A chickadee singing? What are those crows up to, anyway? Discover wildlife all around you with this kit. It includes 30 pairs of binoculars and a field guide to local birds.

Bird Olympics

Can you fly faster than a robin? Is your wingspan as large as a crow’s? This kit includes instructions, materials and a worksheet for your class to rotate through three stations: flapping speed, flight speed and measuring wingspan. Students compare themselves to local birds and other animals at each station.

Bug Jars

Search high and low for bugs and insects, practice respectfully handling living creatures, and get up close to discover features of insects and other ‘creepy crawlies’. This kit includes 30 bug jars with magnifier lids and a field guide to local insects.

Nature Art

Trace, draw, rub and stamp creative projects with plant and insect-related materials. This kit includes rubbing plates, leaf stamps and inspirations for outdoor artwork projects.

Weaving Frames

Collect natural items outside and challenge your fine motor skills by creating artwork on a personal-sized weaving frame. Each kit contains 15 weaving frames, and you may borrow two kits at once. Remember to photograph your masterpieces before dismantling and returning your materials back to nature!

To reserve a Nature Activity Kit for a free two-week loan, please contact the Surrey Nature Centre at 604-502-6065 or