Photographer at Historic Stewart Farm

Historic Stewart Farm is the perfect backdrop! Ask us about taking photos at our magical location.

Permit required for professional and group photography. Request your free permit 

How to get the best shots

Our photography guidelines were designed to help you get the best photos while visiting. Use them to have a fun experience without any second guessing about prime locations or off-limits areas. The grounds offer a scenic, rural backdrop. Expect to see a heritage farmhouse, white picket fences, and rustic buildings in the background of your photos. The river, orchard, and gardens also offer beautiful photo opportunities. For professional photography, a no-fee permit is required.




Email for questions about the permit.

Photography guidelines

While taking photos, ensure there is no damage to the various forms of history onsite.

  • Professional photography is not permitted in buildings, on the veranda or in areas marked off with flags during open hours
  • No alcohol, smoking, amplified music or props.

  • Do not block paths, exits, or public access points. (bylaw 13480)

  • Kindly pack your waste, leash your dog, be mindful of wildlife and plants, and stay out of water

Prime photo locations

Visit the locations with a camera icon for optimal backdrops. Park areas furthest from the buildings and beyond the camera icons offer the best backdrop with fewer interruptions from other visitors.

  1. The lawn offers the Farmhouse as a backdrop 
  2. The side of the Farmhouse is lovely for groups
  3. The park bench and trees framing the heritage building Washrooms is stunning
  4. The Wood Shed gives photos a rustic feel with ideal lighting
  5. The garage gives a mini farmhouse feel
  6. The Pole Barn exterior is a fan favorite backdrop

  7. The Heritage Orchard offers a unique photo op from every angle

An illustrated map of Historic Stewart Farm and prime photo locations


Limousine and chartered buses

There is no parking for limos or buses. Kindly use the drop off area and park/wait elsewhere.

Show us your photos!

Please tag us in your photos! We love to see the memories made at the farm and share as many as we can!