Photographer at Historic Stewart Farm

Historic Stewart Farm is the perfect backdrop! Ask us about taking photos at our magical location.

Permit required for professional and group photography. Request your free permit 

We welcome respectful photographers to use the heritage grounds as their backdrop. 

Professional and group photography

With a no fee permit, professional and group photography is allowed at Elgin Heritage Park and the Historic Stewart Farm.



Email for questions about the permit.

Limousine and chartered buses

Limousine and chartered buses are not permitted to park on-site.

  • Drop-off is at the roundabout by Ward’s Marina.
  • Use off-site parking for the duration of the session.


Get the shot and preserve heritage

While taking photos, ensure there is no damage to the various forms of history onsite.

  • Do not block entrances and public access
  • Stay out of garden beds
  • Photography is not permitted inside the buildings or on the farmhouse verandah
  • Do not smoke or drink alcohol on the park grounds
  • Do not sit on railings and fences
  • Leave benches and other items where they are
  • Do not use smoke bombs or other such devices

Enjoy the stillness of nature

Be mindful of other patrons enjoying the park. Remember, in accordance with Parks Bylaw 13480, alcohol is not permitted on the Historic Stewart Farm property.

The site is a favorite for personal family and nature photographers. Large groups may wish to explore other locations. Permits are required for group photography.

Tag us!

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