Interior of Museum of Surrey

Celebrating Surrey's roots.


Museum of Surrey, 17710 56A Avenue

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The City's past is yours to explore in this gallery full of displays both historic and contemporary. With a range of topics from farming to first responders and even a 1950s living room, the gallery touches all walks of life. Hear the shuffle of a vintage billboard and even smell the newsprint on a local press from days gone by. 

Punjabi Translation Available

The text panels in this gallery have been translated into Punjabi. Visitors are welcome to borrow a booklet in which the translated text corresponds with each text panel. These efforts are a small part of the larger legacy project stemming from the award winning 2019 exhibit  - Being Punjabi. In the exhibit, we committed to reflecting and serving the local Punjabi community at MOS. Additional languages, including Braille, will be translated in the future. 

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