Children learning from an Indigenous person

Presented by Katzie First Nation, Kwantlen First Nation and Semiahmoo First Nation.


Museum of Surrey

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Current Exhibit: We Are Kwantlen

Ancient Artifacts Connecting Home, Belonging, Place

The focus of the We Are Kwantlen exhibit is dialogue and reflection. It emphasizes the connection of modern people with an ancient past that endures and is remembered in many ways. In addition to ancient artifacts, some dating back 12,000 years, the exhibit also features black-and-white portraits, in stunning photographic landscapes and in new art.

The exhibit celebrates living connections with the past. It profiles Kwantlen members of today as they reflect on these ties, and their reflections are curated alongside important artifacts. 

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About the Indigenous Hall

This is a first of its kind–a space of gathering, storytelling and exhibition that is voiced completely by the communities it represents–Katzie First Nation, Kwantlen First Nation and Semiahmoo First Nation, Surrey’s three land-based Nations. The Indigenous Hall will evolve and change as relationships grow and strengthen. It is a dynamic and alive space intended to educate and storytell.

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Che’ Shesh Whe Weleq-sen Si’am debuts in the Indigenous Hall on September 24. 


9:30am-Noon and 2:00-4:30pm (except Thurs afternoons)