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After years of planning, renovation and even relocation, Surrey's Heritage Campus is complete. Dating from 1872 to present, it is a centralized illustration of Surrey's history and it's resources for citizens to explore.

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There are two ways to enjoy the tour virtually. If having trouble, view the Troubleshooting Guide.

  1. Use the navigation field on the left side. Click on a building name to learn more about it. Tour in numerical order for the best chronological experience.
  2. Digitally walk the tour and click on the circles to learn more. Single click the mouse in the direction you want to 'walk' to move forward. Click on the map and hold the mouse button down to move side to side.

View the Heritage Campus Tour.

About the Heritage Campus

In recent years, both Museum of Surrey and the Cloverdale Library have been renovated and expanded. The iconic 1881 Town Hall and Anniedale School were also relocated to the campus, where they underwent restorations to be used once again. Delve into the history of the site, including the following heritage highlights: