Great blue herons will be keeping watch over Surrey streets late spring in an elegant and bold artwork by Anthony Gabriel.

Anthony Gabriel The Fisherman's Charm Banner

Artist: Anthony Gabriel
Category: Temporary public art: street banners
Year Installed: 2018

About The Fisherman's Charm

In The Fisherman’s Charm, Gabriel’s design highlights the graceful curves and long neck of the bird as it patiently waits, watches, and seeks calm waters against a bright red sun that represents the Life-Giver and Healer.

Gabriel chose to feature the great blue heron because it is a species known throughout the shared traditional lands of Semiahmoo, Kwantlen, and Katzie territories and can be seen throughout the Fraser Valley. They are known to be good omens for people venturing out to harvest salmon and other fish. Gabriel says, “I wanted these banners to share that same omen with all the people of our shared communities—a design that represents all our Nations and a reminder of the journey we are all on together.”

The design was recommended by a committee of Elders of the Katzie, Kwantlen, and Semiahmoo First Nations.

About the artist

Anthony Gabriel is from the Kwantlen First Nation territory and specializes in hand-craft-engraved silver and gold jewellery.