This street banner design celebrates the importance of collaboration, knowledge and collective action.

street banner depicting a bird and a bee


Artist: Tanya Bub
Category: Temporary public art: street banners
Year Installed: 2023

About Wisdom Embraces Industry

The owl is a symbol of wisdom and understanding, representing the importance of coming together and using our intelligence to find solutions to the issues affecting Surrey residents. The bee is a symbol of hard work and cooperation, representing the importance of industry and collaboration to achieve common goals.  The owl and bee are composed of petals and leaves to underscore the fact that we are one with the environment and must operate in harmony with our surroundings when addressing issues affecting our communities.

About the artist

Tanya Bub is a BC based artist trained at the Emily Carr University of Art & Design and the San Francisco Art Institute, and a graduate of McGill University.  Her practice is rooted in exploring issues of sustainability.  She has exhibited at Art Vancouver, the Langley Centennial Museum and in Deer Lake Park, among other venues.