This street banner design expresses joy and optimism for Canada’s future.

Onward and Upward Banner by Sandeep Johal

Artist: Sandeep Johal
Category: Temporary public art: street banners
Year Installed: 2017

About Onward and Upward

Responding to the theme Canada, our Home, Sandeep Johal’s winning design for City of Surrey’s 2017 Street Banners depicts the Steller’s jay, British Columbia’s official bird, and stylized versions of each province’s and territory's flower. Johal’s artwork expresses joy and optimism for Canada’s future.

She writes: “These birds represent the journey that has brought thousands of people to Canada’s shores, from the First Nations people to the early settlers to immigrants and refugees, like my parents who immigrated to Canada from India in the early 70s. Flowers come from seeds, which take root and grow. These flowers represent the heartiness of Canada’s people who have laid down roots and worked hard to build better lives for themselves and their families, my parents included.”

About the artist

Sandeep Johal is an emerging Indo-Canadian artist from British Columbia.