The Gallery is a family-friendly space that brings people of all ages together through art. 

Surrey Art Gallery is a place for everyone—with activities that engage the young and young at heart in life-long learning about art! 

Art Stations

Connect with and make art at the Gallery anytime we’re open! Look for the ArtThinker, ArtMaker, and ArtExplorer stations, exercise your creativity and learn about art, artists, and art-making.

Two children are engaging in the Art Explorer Guide for Keerat Kaur: Panjabi Garden exhibit.
Art Explorer Guide

Pick up an Art Explorer Guide, designed especially for kids. Friendly illustrated art monsters lead you through looking games, imaginative questions, and activities that explore our permanent installation artworks. When you’re finished don’t forget to stop at the front desk to get an art monster stamp and a button to take home! 


Sculpt your own artwork inspired by Maurice Van Der Beke’s large spinning artwork, Mandala After Prayer Wheel and Keith Rice-Jones’ ceramic installation, Monumental Sculptures. Have fun, experiment, and learn about movement, shapes, and 3D form in these hands-on activities. 


Grab an ArtThinker card and respond to the art you’re experiencing through writing, drawing, or however you’d like! The cards include prompting questions: What inspires you? What do you feel? Take your card home or leave it at the Gallery to share with others. 

Family Art Parties

Create, explore, and enjoy art with family and friends! This free drop-in event expands learning through hands-on artmaking with artist-educators, Gallery art exploration, interactive live performances, and more. Join in an afternoon of discovery, creativity, and fun! Look out for the next Family Art Party on our  Events page.

A man with a turban holds a paintbrush, he looks with love at a child who is also holding a paintbrush. She is dipping it in blue paint. They are seated in an art classroom.


Art in Motion

Create art at home! Be inspired by talented artist-educators in engaging online art lessons. Try new materials and techniques: painting, illustration, sculpture, collage, pastels, photography, and more on the Gallery’s  YouTube channel

Flatlay of a person's hands holding onto a sphere of red dough with a flower emblem. There is a turquoise blue ball, a seashell, a bottle cap, orange rind, an orange, an orange shell, and a piece of purple cabbage in front of the hands.