Programs in your classroom with Surrey Art Gallery

We can come to you! An art educator will lead an artmaking activity right in your classroom.

Sharing Perspectives: Indigenous Contemporary Art Workshop

Deepen learning about Coast Salish and Northwest Coast cultures and contemporary artmaking practices through an inquiry of diverse artworks by Indigenous artists.

From cedar bark weavings, aluminum public sculptures, and buffalo hide drums to paintings, performances, and prints, students will discuss public artworks located in Surrey, as well as art from the Gallery’s permanent collection.

A local Indigenous artist, who is one of our art educators, will lead your workshop, sharing images, stories, touchables, and a hands-on art activity growing out of their own art practice.

Prepare for and follow-up on this workshop by engaging in suggested activities and discussion questions provided in the Teachers' Guides on our Teachers' Resources and Programs page.

Using your Voice

  • Collaged Medallions
  • Artist trading cards

Environmental Stewardship Grade 4 to 7

  • Unconventional materials sculpture

Environmental Stewardship Grade 4 to 12

  • Weaving

Tue/Wed | 8:45−10:15am & 10:15−11:45am (exact times to be determined by school bell schedule)

Required: 2 bookings per school per day

Hand-Built Habitats

Reimagine the sculptural possibilities of clay with an experienced art educator. Inspired by images of contemporary ceramic art, students explore handbuilding techniques such as pinching, incising, imprinting, and sculpting. Art and science connect as students explore the concept of habitats by sculpting their own world for living things. Clay included.

Grades K to 7

Thu | 8:45−10:15am, 10:15−11:45am & 12:45−2:15pm (exact times to be determined by school bell schedule)

Required: 2 adjacent bookings per school per day, 3 bookings possible