A classroom tour surrounds a space-like artwork while an artist-educator speaks.

We can come to you! An art educator will lead an artmaking activity right in your classroom.

Hand-Built Habitats

A row of children seated at a table each working on moulding and creating with clay. They are focused on creating tree-like figurines.

Grades K−7
Thursday 8:45−10:15am & 10:15−11:45am (Artist-educator will confirm times in advance)

Experience the sculptural, storytelling, and expressive potential of clay with an experienced artist-educator. Students will explore hand-building techniques such as pinching, sculpting, incising, and texturing. Art and science connect as students explore the concept of habitat by sculpting a world for living things. Clay included.

Required: 2 adjacent bookings per school per day, 3 bookings possible

Sharing Perspectives

Artist-educator is sitting between two kids at a table, gesturing and speaking. They are looking down at an artwork off-camera.

Deepen learning about Indigenous cultures and contemporary artmaking practices through an inquiry into artworks by Indigenous artists. 

Seasonal Cycles (Grades K-12)

Tuesday 10:00am–12:00pm

2024: Apr 2

Using a range of drawing materials, students will reflect upon the seasonal events and annual changes in our environment.

Petroglyphs & Pictograms (Grades K-12)

Tuesday 10:00am–12:00pm
2023: Nov 28
2024: Apr 9

Reflecting on the ways in which we communicate, students will use a variety of drawing techniques to create a visual language unique to themselves.