Gallery Tours

Welcome your students to the world of contemporary art by taking them for a tour and/or workshop at the Gallery. All tours and workshops require advanced booking. 

Gallery Tours

October 10, 2023June 7, 2024

Exhibition tours are designed to inspire students’ creative, critical, and reflective thinking at an appropriate level guided by skilled docents—volunteers who train extensively for each exhibition.

Artventure: Guided Gallery Tour (Preschool–Grade 3)

Tuesday–Friday 10:30−11:30am

Learn about the Gallery! Docents lead a playful introduction to the Surrey Art Gallery engaging young students in looking games, discussion, and activities that connect directly to the current exhibitions. This program is paired with a workshop.

Art in Focus: Guided Gallery Tour (Grades 4–12)

Tuesday–Friday 10:30−11:30am

Engaging docents encourage students to look, listen, and thoughtfully consider the artworks and concepts in the exhibitions. Students collaborate through inquiry-based discussion and activities to examine the diverse ideas, materials, images, and sounds of contemporary art. This program is paired with a workshop.

Art Exploration: Self-Guided Gallery Tour (Grades K–12)

Wednesday–Friday 11:30am−12:30pm or 1−2pm 

Use the Gallery as your classroom! Enhance your curriculum studies with topics and techniques addressed in the exhibits. Try out our Art Explorer, ArtThinker, and ArtMaker stations, self-guided resources, and Teachers’ Guides with ideas to inspire your visit.

Teachers are encouraged to preview exhibits. Advance booking is required to ensure space for your group.

Secondary School Bus Tours

SD36 visual art teachers, bring your high school students to the Gallery for an interactive tour of the current exhibitions with artmaking in the Gallery.

To register, and for free transportation (seating limited), contact the Arts Education Helping Teacher at at least four weeks in advance of the following scheduled tour dates:

  • November 14 & 15, 2023
  • May 14 & 15, 2024
Photo of two children from behind extending their arms upwards, drawing on paper.
Pardeep Singh
Photo: Pardeep Singh.



October 10, 2023June 7, 2024

Our artmaking workshops are led by knowledgeable, practicing artists with extensive experience as art educators. They encourage experimentation with art media while engaging relevant themes and issues. Programs are tailored to grade level and integrate BC cross-curricular Big Ideas and Learning Standards.

  • All morning programs include a tour (9:15−10:00am) and a workshop (10:00−11:30am)

Art Encounter (Grades K–12)

Wednesday 9:15−11:30am & 12:30–2:00pm

After an interactive tour of the current exhibits, students create art that explores ideas, subjects, and techniques they discovered during their tour. A new art activity is designed in relation to each exhibit. See Gallery Exhibitions for information on the 2023-2024 exhibitions. 

Printmaking: Expressions of Place (Grades K–12)

Tuesday 9:15−11:30am & 12:30–2:00pm

Foster connection to place and examine your environment and community through an illustrated discussion featuring works from the Gallery’s permanent collection. Students create their own print in response to places that have personal, cultural, or social significance for them. 

The World of Clay (Grades K–7)

Thursday 9:15−11:30am & 12:30–2:00pm

After an interactive tour of the current exhibits, students learn about ceramic practices from around the world as the art educator demonstrates coiling, pinching, incising and sculpting. Students will create and embellish a clay vessel using these techniques. 

Sculpting in Clay (Grades 3–12)

Friday 9:15–11:30am & 12:30–2:00pm

Find inspiration in permanent collection artworks by Sally Michener and Davide Pan and in masks from across the globe. Students will learn ceramic techniques such as slab construction, slip and score, and surface treatment through creating their own clay mask.

a group of people talking about art
Pardeep Singh
Photo: Pardeep Singh


Sharing Perspectives: Indigenous Contemporary Art Workshop

Deepen learning about Indigenous cultures and contemporary artmaking practices through an inquiry into artworks by Indigenous artists. From cedar bark weavings, vinyl murals, and seal skin drums to paintings, prints, performance, and multimedia installations, students will discuss artworks from the gallery’s permanent collection as well as public art’s permanent collection.

Led by an Indigenous artist-educator, the program includes sharing of images, touchables, and a hands-on art activity growing out of the instructor’s own art practice. Access online resources for pre-workshop preparation information.

  • Workshop runs from October 10, 2023 to June 11, 2024
  • Tue 10:00am–12:00pm
  • Download the Teachers' Guides for this workshop

Recycled Materials Sculptures (Grades 4–12)

Tuesday 10:00am–12:00pm
2023: Oct 24
2024: Feb 6, Mar 12, May 21

Growing understanding of their connection and impact to the environment, using recycled, natural, and gathered materials, students will create experimental sculptures.

Beaded Belongings (Grades 4–12)

Tuesday 10:00am & 12:00pm
2023: Oct 10
2024: Jan 23, Feb 27, Jun 11

Building on the relationships we have with one another and the importance of community, students will create pony bead belongings with the opportunity to gift their creations to someone they care for.

Mixed Media Collage (Grades 4–12)

Tuesday 10:00am & 12:00pm
2023: Oct 17
2024: Jan 30, Mar 5

Through a gathering of personal mementos and photographs, students will create mixed media collages reflecting on their individual and collective histories.

Petroglyphs & Pictograms (Grades K-12)

Tuesday 10:00am–12:00pm
2023: Nov 7
2024: Feb 13, Apr 16, May 28

Reflecting on the ways in which we communicate, students will use a variety of drawing techniques to create a visual language unique to themselves.

Seasonal Cycles (Grades K-12)

Tuesday 10:00am–12:00pm
2023: Nov 21
2024: Feb 20, Apr 23, Jun 4

Using a range of drawing materials, students will reflect upon the seasonal events and annual changes in our environment. 


How to Register

Programs at the Gallery run from October 10, 2023 to June 7, 2024.

Information Required to Register 

  • Direct contact information (phone and email) for the teacher facilitating the individual program. This is mandatory to ensure proper communication 

  • Grade and number of students (note: we cannot accommodate classes exceeding 30 participants)

  • School name and phone number

To Register, Call

City of Surrey Call Centre

604-501-5100, press 1
Monday−Friday: 8:30am−4:30pm
Friday: 8:30am−4:30pm

Surrey Art Gallery

604-501-5566, press 0
Tuesday–Thursday: 9am–9pm
Friday: 9am–5pm
Saturday: 10am–5pm
Sunday: 12–5pm
Closed: Mondays and holidays

Payments and Cancellations 

Payment – The City of Surrey will invoice your school directly in the first week of the month your program is scheduled. For inquiries regarding invoicing or payment, email  

Cancellations require a minimum of three weeks’ notice. After this time, the program is non-refundable. Exceptions will be made in the event of school closure. 

To cancel or reschedule programs, you must contact Surrey Art Gallery at 604-501-5566.