Search the complete list of business licences that have been issued in Surrey.

Search and customize complete lists of licensed resident businesses in Surrey. We update the full business directory and monthly new business licence list quarterly each year.

Full Business Directory

Download the entire business directory or filter the database to tailor to your specific use. See the Full Business Directory (Microsoft Excel) for the most recent version of the directory.

The full business directory was last updated at the start of March 2022.

Download Full Directory

The directory, in Excel format, includes key business information:

Customizing the Full Business Directory

Use the drop down arrows in the boxes highlighted in green to filter the data for your specific needs.

  1. Click on the drop down at the top of a column to select or deselect categories. Or, use "Select All" to de-select all categories.
  2. Click on the category you are searching for and click OK. Note that not all businesses have been categorized in the General Category column and therefore using General Category to filter the data will not yield the most optimal results.

Monthly Business Licence Directory

We provide a list of businesses new to Surrey for each month, quarterly. We include the following business information:

View business list by month by clicking on the corresponding monthly tab at the bottom of the Excel worksheet.

The list was last updated at the start of March 2022.

Download Monthly Directory


Contact 604-591-4128 if you need help accessing the directories, or if your licensed business is not listed and you would like to have it included.

Note: The City of Surrey cannot guarantee that the data is 100% current and accurate. Business lists are difficult to keep up to date. Most of the data is derived from the City of Surrey business license database system. A large number of businesses change address, name or ownership between data updates. Some businesses have opted out of the directory.