Help expand and develop the local business community in Surrey by participating in an interview.

The City of Surrey is committed to building a positive business environment and encouraging the growth of its 19,000 local businesses. Since it was introduced in 2009, the Business Outreach Program has reached out to more thanĀ 5,000 businesses and has helped existing and new Surrey-based businesses develop and expand in Surrey.

The program involves inviting businesses to participate in one-on-one interviews with a City representative from the Economic Development team. The interviews help us understand the needs of businesses around Surrey, and what actions we can take to remove barriers to enable business to succeed in Surrey.

Program Benefits

  • Connect with resources, information and business opportunities
  • Facilitate contact with key partners and stakeholders
  • Resolve urgent issues and address concerns specific to the business
  • Educate the business community on City business processes and policies

Successes So Far

  • Reached out to more than 5,000 businesses
  • More thanĀ 600 face-to-face meetings with local companies to date
  • Addressed more than 700 issues specific to the individual businesses

To join Surrey's Business Outreach program, contact our Economic Development Office at 604-591-4128.

Visit Invest Surrey to learn more about doing business in Surrey.