Throughout the year, the City releases various financial reports like the Financial Plan and Quarterly Financial Reports to Council. View the latest financial documents below.

The City of Surrey produces various financial reports each year, including Quarterly Financial Reports, Financial Plan, Annual Financial Report (Annual Municipal Report) and Statements of Financial Information (SOFI).

We make these reports public as part of our commitment to public accountability and transparency. As a result of these efforts, we were proud to be the recipients of the following Government Finance Officers Association awards: Distinguished Budget Presentation Award, Canadian Award for Financial Reporting and Popular Annual Financial Reporting Award.

The following reports are available on this page:

  • Quarterly Financial Reports
  • Financial Plans
  • Annual Financial Reports and Annual Financial Report Highlights
  • Statement of Financial Informations (SOFIs)

Quarterly Financial Reports

A Quarterly Report is presented to Council 3 times a year, in April, July, and October. Quarterly reports are prepared to demonstrate public accountability by providing information on the City’s financial results.

These reports provide Council with an economic overview of the Global, US, Canada and BC economies, as well as Surrey’s economy, which is presented through building and business statistics. In addition, this report also includes the status of the City’s investment portfolio as well as an explanation of Departmental variances to the Financial Plan.

Financial Plans

The Financial Plan provides detailed funding requirements over the next 5 years, and also articulates financial priorities and issues. It helps staff manage day-to-day operations by providing financial and policy information and by identifying financial and staffing resources available to provide services.

The Plan serves as a communication device that gives all readers a comprehensive look at the services provided by the City and the costs related to those services. The City's Financial Plan Summaries are available for download.

Annual Municipal Reports

The Annual Financial Report (Annual Municipal Report) serves as an opportunity to communicate with citizens, stakeholders and others regarding the City’s activities and accomplishments for the year by department and provide financial performance compared to budget. Pursuant to s.98 of the Community Charter all municipalities are required to prepare an annual report. The report also includes statistics for the year completed, as well as future City goals, along with the City's audited financial statements.

Surrey City Development Corporation (SCDC)

Surrey City Development Corporation is 100 percent owned by the City of Surrey and has been incorporated since 2007. The Corporation's role is to help Surrey become a more vibrant, sustainable and complete urban community by undertaking real estate development projects that achieve civic, community, business and financial objectives.

View the SCDC's Audited Financial Statements and Annual Reports

Statement of Financial Information (SOFI)

The Statement of Financial Information includes, for the year being reported, the City’s audited financial statements and information regarding remuneration paid to the Mayor and Council, the remuneration paid to every employee that the City paid more than $75,000, the amount paid to any supplier of goods and/or services to which the City paid more than $25,000, and all grants paid by the City.

SOFI - City

SOFI - Library