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Man on a bicycle in the bike lane

Jump on your bike and check out our city's bike routes for a fun, healthy way to get around. Before your ride, don't forget to review the cycling laws.

Bike Routes

Use the COSMOS to see a full map of our cycling network, the MySurrey App or download the Bike Map PDF to find bike routes across the city. You can also pick up a paper copy at major City facilities. The maps show our entire cycling network of bike lanes, multi-use pathways (Greenways) and neighbourhood cycling routes.

As part of our Cycling Plan, we are always planning new projects for new bike lanes and multi-use pathways. It also makes sure all of our transportation projects are bike-friendly.

Bikes & Transit

All TransLink buses are equipped with bike racks and there's no additional cost to take your bike with you.

TransLink has some great resources on how to take your bike with you on buses and the SkyTrain and finding a place to park your bike.