Biking City Centre

Find biking routes, safety information and theft prevention tips to enjoy a safe and fun bike ride.

Electric bike share pilot 

We've launched an electric bike share program as a two-year pilot in North Surrey to help reduce GHG emissions and reliance on vehicles.

The pilot project is operated by Bird Canada and here is how it works: 

  • Residents can rent from a supply of 300 electric bikes available throughout City Centre and Guildford Town Centre. 
  • Bikes are unlocked and paid for through the Bird Canada app, available for iOS and Android.
  • Bikes must be parked in designated parking areas called Bird Nests, which are viewable through the app.
  • Bike rides cost $1.15 to begin and $0.38 per minute. Ride passes are available with discounted rates. More details are available in the app.
  • Bikes cannot be used beyond the operating area. They will automatically slow down and alert you that you are outside the operating area. Your trip cannot be ended until you return to the operating area and park in a designated Bird Nest.
  • All bikes include a helmet, which is required for use under provincial law.
  • For questions related to parking, fares, maintenance, or the app, contact Bird Canada directly at

Map of Bird electric bike share operating area

Bike network improvements

Explore Surrey's entire cycling network of bike lanes, multi-use pathways (greenways), and neighbourhood cycling routes to plan your route.

103 Ave local bikeway

To support safer cycling in the bike share operating area, the City has created a local bikeway between City Centre and Guildford, roughly following the 103 Ave corridor. The route provides a low traffic, local road option for cycling between the Town Centres.

The new local bikeway features pavement markings and wayfinding signage to help navigation along the route. Cyclists may also use cycle tracks along 105A Ave and 100 Ave for alternative east-west routes.

road with bike and arrow images


Cycling wayfinding signage

To support navigation within the bike share operating area, the City has created a system of turn-by-turn directional signage for cyclists. The signs are located at most major intersections along the cycling network and provide useful information such as direction, time and distance in kilometres to main destinations along the route.

Cyclists can use the signs to accurately navigate turn-by-turn to the Town Centres, SkyTrain stations, and major parks.

wayfinding sign on pole


BC Parkway extension through Holland Park

The City has completed an upgrade of the BC Parkway, a regional greenway between Vancouver and Surrey that follows the SkyTrain Expo Line. The project provides a wider, two-way asphalt pathway through Holland Park between University Drive and King George Boulevard and connects with existing cycle tracks on 100 Ave to Green Timbers Park.

Shows paths marked for cycling by Holland Park


Bike routes

Explore Surrey's entire cycling network of bike lanes, multi-use pathways (greenways), and neighbourhood cycling routes to plan your route.

Bike parking

We install outdoor bike racks throughout the City at community centres, parks, and along bike routes where you can park for free.

View all public bike parking on our interactive bike parking map.

To request the installation of a bike rack, email

Bikes & public transit

Travelling with your bike on transit is easy. All TransLink buses are equipped with bike racks, and there is no additional cost to take your bike with you.

TransLink has some great resources on how to take your bike with you on buses and the SkyTrain, and on finding a place to park your bike.

Bike safety & security

Biking around Surrey is a great way to stay active. We want all cyclists to stay safe and protect themselves and their bikes. 

Helmet safety

A properly worn helmet will help protect your head in a fall. In BC, cyclists are legally required to wear one. Learn more about helmet fit and safety certification.

Bike security & theft prevention

It only takes seconds to have your bike stolen. Take a photo and record your bike's information (make, model, type/style, colours, speed/gears and serial number). To keep your bike secure:

  • Double lock it: use a cable lock and U-lock
  • Park in a high visibility area with lots of people and activity
  • Try not to park your bike in the same spot all the time and never leave your bike outside overnight.

If your bike is stolen, report it to the non-emergency RCMP line. If you see someone stealing a bike, call 911. Do not confront the thief.

Before your ride, don't forget to review provincial cycling laws.