Biking City Centre

Find biking routes, safety information and theft prevention tips to enjoy a safe and fun bike ride.

Bike Routes

Explore Surrey's entire cycling network of bike lanes, multi-use pathways (greenways), and neighbourhood cycling routes to plan your route.

  • Use COSMOS to view our cycling network and plan your route in detail
  • Download the MySurrey App for a reference on the go
  • View PDF of 2022 Bike Map

Bike Parking

We install outdoor bike racks throughout the City at community centres, parks, and along bike routes where you can park for free.

View all public bike parking on our interactive bike parking map.

To request the installation of a bike rack, email

Bike Lane Improvements

As part of our Cycling Plan, we are always planning new projects for new bike lanes and multi-use pathways.

See Hub Cycling to learn about additional cycling improvements being made in Surrey. HUB Cycling is a charitable non-profit organization, established to improve cycling conditions in Metro Vancouver.

Protected Cycling Quick-Build Program

We are expanding our network of protected cycling routes by adding more protected, connected and continuous cycling routes in key locations across the city, starting with Surrey City Centre.

Bikes & Public Transit

Travelling with your bike on transit is easy. All TransLink buses are equipped with bike racks, and there is no additional cost to take your bike with you.

TransLink has some great resources on how to take your bike with you on buses and the SkyTrain, and on finding a place to park your bike.

Bike Safety & Security

Biking around Surrey is a great way to stay active. We want all cyclists to stay safe and protect themselves and their bikes. 

Helmet Safety

A properly worn helmet will help protect your head in a fall. In BC, cyclists are legally required to wear one. Learn more about helmet fit and safety certification.

Bike Security & Theft Prevention

It only takes seconds to have your bike stolen. Take a photo and record your bike's information (make, model, type/style, colours, speed/gears and serial number). To keep your bike secure:

  • Double lock it: use a cable lock and U-lock
  • Park in a high visibility area with lots of people and activity
  • Try not to park your bike in the same spot all the time and never leave your bike outside overnight.

If your bike is stolen, report it to the non-emergency RCMP line. If you see someone stealing a bike, call 911. Do not confront the thief.

Before your ride, don't forget to review provincial cycling laws.