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Soil & Erosion

Soil and erosion


Surrey manages for 3 soil issues

  • soil deposit or removal,
  • soil erosion, or
  • dealing with contaminated soil.

Moving soil around or off of your site can affect the drainage patterns. So, for soil amounts greater than 15 cubic meters (m3), you need a soil permit


Soil that washes off construction sites during periods of wet weather becomes sediment and can have detrimental impacts on drainage systems and the receiving waterways. 


Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) is the practise of implementing both basic and engineered controls on construction sites to reduce the amount and volume of eroded soils washing off these sites when it rains.


Learn more about the management of soil-related issues, such as getting ESC Permit, a Soil Deposition Permit,  or preventing storm water pollution.

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