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Local Area Service (LAS) Program


A Local Area Service (LAS) project is a neighbourhood improvement paid for by the owners of the benefiting properties, in order to accelerate the process in delivering specific engineering infrastructure.  Some services may qualify for assistance from the City.

Typical services accommodated under the Local Area Service program are:

  • Road Improvements (including paving, curb and gutters, sidewalks, trees and streetlights, as required);
  • Back lane opening and paving;
  • Utility extensions such as Water, Storm & Sanitary.

A LAS project can be initiated either by “Petition” or by “Council Initiative”.

Bridgeview Phase 3 and 4 LAS Initiative

Getting Started

By Petition: Property owners may petition (through Preliminary Petition Form) the Council for a LAS and defining the benefiting boundaries.  Engineering staff would review the scope of the petition’s request and provide information and an estimate in the form of a formal petition.  This petition would provide all property owners on what their estimated share of the project would be.  To get the project approved by Council, the formal petition must be signed in favour by at least half (1/2) of the property owners representing at least half (1/2) of the assessed value of the properties benefiting.

By Council Initiative: Council initiated LAS programs will be published in the local newspaper and notification is also mailed to each benefiting property owner. Unless requested otherwise, the program will proceed.

How Do I Pay?

Once the project is complete, the actual cost of the project and individual property’s share is determined and then added to the property tax roll.  Owners can choose to either pay in full at once or choose to pay it over 15 years.  The annual charges, in the case of payment over 15 years’ will include an interest component determined by the City at the time of the approval of the project.

How Much Does It Cost?

The LAS projects are carried out on actual cost basis, which will be determined at the completion of the project. However, the following table provides approximate cost ranges to illustrate the magnitude of costs.  Costs are based on 2016 prices and owner’s share is typically calculated based on length of street frontage.

Please note that a LAS project may be ineligible if in an area where redevelopment is likely to occur within the next ten years.

Type of Work

Approximate Total Cost2 per Metre of Frontage


Typical Owner's share of the Total Cost

Local Street Completion (Both Sides) 1, 2 $2,000 - $3,000 50 - 100% 5
Local Street Completion (One Side) 1, 2 $1,500 - $2,500 50 - 100% 5
Local Street Opening 1, 2 $2,500 - $3,500 100%
Rural Local Street Opening 3 $1,500 - $3,500 100%
Street Re-Paving 3 $110 - $180 100%
Sidewalks (Both Sides) 2 $600 - $1,000 50 - 100% 5
Sidewalk (One Side) $300 - $350 50 - 100% 5
Urban Street Lighting $250 - $450 100%
Lane Opening

$2,000 - $2,500

25 - 100% 4

Lane Paving

$500 - 700

25 - 100% 4

Sanitary Sewer Extension

$1,000 - $1,500


Water Main Extension

$350 - $800


Storm Sewer Extension $1,000 - $1,500 100%


  1. Local street completion/opening includes paving overlay, curb and gutter, sidewalks, streetlights and street trees as per City standards.
  2. Dependant on the priority of the project relative to other City capital projects, the City may offer funding towards a portion of the works.
  3. If within the Agricultural Land Reserve, the project may be subject to approval by the City through the Agricultural and Food Safety Advisory Committee (AFSAC) with referral to the Province’s Agricultural Land Commission (ALC).
  4. Percentage of owner’s share based on the classification of parallel roadway:
    • Arterial roads – 25%
    • Collector roads – 50%
    • Local roads – 100%
  5. Percentage of owner’s share based on current Area Official Community Plan (OCP) designation:
    • Multiple Residential / Commercial / Town Centre / City Centre – 25%
    • Urban – 50%
    • Suburban – 75%

For additional questions or to discuss initiating a LAS project, please contact the City's Engineering Department at 604-591-4340

Frequently Asked Questions on Local Area Service

Q1. How do I start a LAS project?

Discuss among the neighbourhood to determine the support for the project. Define the project boundary – from where to where the service is to be provided. Discuss with the City Engineering staff (contact 604-591-4340). If at least ½ of the property owners within the benefiting area are in support, collect, complete, and submit a "Preliminary Petition Form"  at the City Clerk's Office. A contact person (Leader) should be nominated by the owners and indicated in the Preliminary Petition Form.

Q2. Is signing the Preliminary Petition Form binding?

No, It is only an expression of interest. Your commitment will be expressed through "Formal Petition", which will be prepared and sent to you by the City on receipt of the Preliminary Petition.

Q3. Should I be an owner to sign the petitions? What if multiple owners exist? Are multiple owners getting more than one vote?

Only owners can sign. Each property has a single vote irrespective of the number of owners. In the case of multiple owners, the majority (more than 50%) of the owners must sign for a property to be considered in favour.

Q4. How do I know my cost?

Once the City receives the Preliminary Petition, a Formal Petition Form will be prepared with details such as properties benefiting, cost estimate attributed to each property, etc., and will be forwarded to each benefiting owner.

Q5. Is the cost given through the Formal Petition Form final?

No, it is only a cost estimate. Final costs will be assessed only after the completion of the project.

Q6. What are my choices? If I do not sign, should I pay?

If you favour the project, you will sign and return the Formal Petition Form – then you are committed to the project. If you choose not to favour the project, you can disregard the Formal Petition. However, if sufficient property owners sign the petition and project is approved by City Council, irrespective of signed or not, every property owner in the benefiting area will have to pay.

Q7. How is the total cost split between the properties?

The cost will be split proportionate to the frontage of each of the benefiting properties.

Q8. When should I pay, and should I pay at once?

At the end of the project, the actual cost attributed to each property will be determined and added to the tax roll. Owners can either pay in full at once or choose to pay over 15 years. The annual charges, in case of 15 years' payment, will include an interest component determined by the City at the time of approval of the project.

Q9. Is it a must that I connect to the utility service installed under LAS?

No, Owners can choose whether to connect to the City utility or not. No property will be connected to City network without an application from the property owner.

Q10. How do we get connected to the City main? Are there additional connection charges that apply?

As part of the LAS project, service connections are extended to the property line. Owners interested in connecting to City services should make an application at the City Hall (Engineering Front Counter). No connection charges shall apply.

However, the owners will have to install, at their cost, the necessary plumbing works within the property, for which a plumbing permit is required.

In the case of water service, as part of the plumbing works the owner will have to install a water meter chamber at the property line in accordance with the City Water Meter Standards and Specifications. Once the internal plumbing is approved, the City will install a meter. Contact the City Plumbing Section of the Building Division for permit charges including the cost of water meter: $150.00.

Q11. In the case of water service, on what basis would I pay for my water usage?

Per City By-law, all new water service connections must be metered. You would be charged on metered rate. Water Rate details are available in the City web site.