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Godwin Farm Biodiversity Preserve

Godwin Farm Biodiversity Preserve

Due to environmental sensitivities there are no dogs permitted on or off-leash in this park.

 Trails Wildlife Viewing Parking

See speciman trees, bird life and explore the giant trail network of the Godwin Biodiversity Preserve. This is a unique site and as such, the entire park is no dogs, on or off leash. Please be sure you respect this great park and leave your pooch at home. There are alternatives off-leash parks nearby at Freedom off-leash area or at Tynehead Regional Park.

Godwin Farm Biodiversity Preserve Features

In the park you'll find a variety of natural assets including riparian areas protecting E Creek that flows north to the Serpentine River. Be sure to also check out the hundreds of speciman trees including some rare varieties and a registered heritage tree that is 175 feet tall. If you're interested in seeing animals the pond in this park is home to a variety of bird life. Explore the great old field habitat, an old fruit tree garden with apples, blueberries, and figs, and walk along the looping trail network to see all of the above.


The park was acquired in 2015 through the Federal Eco-gifting program. The Godwin Family donated this land to the City so that it will be protected in perpetuity as a legacy for the Godwin family. Over the years they planted hundreds of Sequoias, Redwoods, Firs and many other species. There are interpretive signs in the park with more information about the Godwin family and the importance of these lands as a unique natural area. A management plan was created in keeping with the conditions of the eco-gifting and will be managed as a natural park by the City of Surrey.

Get to Know: Godwin Farm Biodiversity Preserve

A volunteer leading a group nature walk

Drop in to relax, unwind and connect with Godwin Farm Biodiversity Preserve.

July 11 to September 12, 2018

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