A group of people in a spin class.

While summer weather may have come to an end, our favourite summer activities can be enjoyed well into fall (and beyond). Step inside and see what we mean.  

September 15, 2022
Parks & Recreation

Fall–in all its splendour–has officially arrived. Much of the lush greenery we’ve enjoyed for the last few months is transforming into vibrant displays of golden brown and amber yellow foliage. All the while, squirrels are working overtime to gather their food supply for winter, spooky décor is beginning to line store shelves and much to the delight of parents everywhere–school is back in session! 

Sunny days spent splashing around the pool, followed by warm evening strolls are a near-distant memory. But before we grab our favourite cable-knit blanket and clamour to our screens for the latest fall TV lineup, it’s important to remember that shorter days and crisper temperatures don’t have to signal an end to our outdoor fitness routines. That’s right; while summer weather may have come to an end, our favourite summer activities can be enjoyed well into fall (and beyond). Step inside and see what we mean.  

In the past decade, a growing number of British Columbians have swapped four wheels for two and started biking to work. That percentage spikes during the summer months; whether it’s due to a seasonal tradition resurrected or a new hobby ventured–one thing is clear: bicycles are a popular transportation medium for BC commuters during the sunny season. This shift has been recognized in the Lower Mainland with more and more infrastructure projects announced to support cyclists. 

Unfortunately, those figures typically tail off when fall arrives. Often, the boost of endorphins and sense of accomplishment can’t stack up against heated leather seats and satellite radio when the rain sets in. Once the weather worsens, cyclists reluctantly park their bikes in the garage until the first sign of spring. Fortunately, an alternative exists that allows cyclists to get the exercise high–all while staying dry.  

Indoor cycling is a highly accessible and enjoyable activity–available at recreation centres across the city. It’s also convenient and eliminates the unpredictable variable of poor weather conditions. Outdoor cyclists that enjoy tracking their performance stats day over day can get the same data indoors, and many are making the switch already. In fact, Clayton Community Centre is preparing to launch a new indoor cycling program this winter, so stay tuned! 

Grandview Heights Spin Bikes in Weight Room
Indoor cycling bikes in the weight room at Grandview Heights Aquatic Centre.

The month of September often signifies new beginnings. For many of us, our health is brought into sharper focus as we approach fall. Even teachers were once gifted a shiny, red apple for the new school year! And while we can embrace the idea of new beginnings, we can also incorporate some of our healthiest routines from summer into the gloomier days of fall and winter. 

By migrating your outdoor fitness routine indoors at a Surrey recreation centre this fall, you can explore plenty of options to improve your health and wellbeing–all while continuing the momentum built during summer.  

Whether you swam laps under the sun, shot hoops on hot asphalt or served aces on an outdoor pickleball court, you can transition your favourite outdoor summer activities, indoors at a recreation centre across the city–no umbrella required. 

Along with maintaining your active routine indoors, there’s also the ability to discover a new passion and build a sense of community in the process. Countless drop-in activities, from skating to meditation, require zero commitment–allowing you to develop interests at your own pace. 

A man on the indoor walking track.
Walking track inside Guildford Recreation Centre.

Many seniors enjoyed cool, evening walks during the summer, as they provided exercise, routine and social interaction. Fall’s moody weather can limit opportunities to continue these types of walks–which can result in negative physical and mental health implications for an older demographic.

Thankfully, seniors are another group who can benefit from bringing their outdoor exercises indoors. Guildford Recreation Centre’s indoor walking track provides a fantastic alternative to the outdoors! For a more intense workout, seniors can explore Fit 55+ programs, Tai Chi, Zumba and more! For those with restricted mobility, there’s even online fitness classes you can do from your living room! 

It can be easy to give into the cozy pitfalls of sweater weather, abandoning our active summer routines in favour of fireside binge-watching. But it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. You can still enjoy the comforts of fall and continue to prioritize fitness. Take your outdoor fitness routine indoors at one of Surrey’s recreation centres this fall and leave your rain boots at home!  

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