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Beat the winter blues, embrace a positive mindset and employ a sustainable action plan!

January 5, 2023
Parks & Recreation

In the spirit of the season last month, we enjoyed festive gatherings, snow-covered sidewalks and turkey dinners with all the fixings. Only now, as the glittering lights fade to lacklustre shades of grey, we can acknowledge that December also prompted elevated stress, travel nightmares and higher-than-average cholesterol levels–all of which may have derailed your regular routine and left you feeling a bit lethargic to begin the new year. Post-holiday slumps–though common–can be debilitating, leaving you tired and unmotivated. Fortunately, the return route to health is clear, bright and easier to navigate than one may think.

Focus on Your Self Care

First, it’s important to prioritize self care after the holiday season. No matter how much time you spent relaxing on the couch during the break, it’s likely that you still aren’t completely rested. That’s because even slight deviations from your regular routine can disrupt your overall sleep pattern. While we continue to familiarize ourselves with the sound of an alarm clock, lean into the idea of resting without guilt as you catch up on valuable sleep this winter.

Reset Your Eating Habits

January is also great time to reset your eating habits. Clear out any leftover holiday treats and reintroduce more vegetables and fruits into your diet in the weeks ahead. Reconnecting with nature and restarting your daily walks remains one of the most effective methods to boost energy levels during this time of the year. Often, the dark winter months can leave us deficient in Vitamin D (the sunshine vitamin), so it may be worth talking to your doctor about supplements or investing in a sun lamp until spring arrives.

Pace Yourself

The month of January is a time when many people make (and break) resolutions–particularly surrounding the idea of improving fitness. There are many reasons why these types of resolutions fail so frequently, including overexertion that can lead to burnout or injury. Occasionally, it’s the mere lack of variety in an exercise routine that generates boredom, and ultimately, an early exit for some. Of course, if you’re neglecting self care or attempting to exercise with insufficient sleep, a poor diet (or both), it’s likely that you won’t be successful with your fitness goals long-term.

A City of Surrey recreation pass can help you beat the winter blues, embrace a positive mindset and employ a sustainable action plan for 2023.

There’s a pass for every age, ability and lifestyle; even families can stay active and engaged together!

Good for unlimited drop-in access to our pools, arenas, fitness centres and gymnasiums on an annual, monthly, or trial basis with a 5, 10 or 20 swipe pass option, our recreation passes can help you avoid burnout by easing you into a new fitness routine after some time off. Our personal trainers can also help kick start your regimen and reduce your risk of injury.

Furthermore, with world-class amenities and a wide variety of activities at each recreation facility, your routine can remain fresh and exciting across time–whether you’re lifting weights, striking yoga poses, swimming laps or returning pickleball serves! 

Recruit a Friend

Socializing is a large component of the holiday season, and in some cases, a void can be felt for the first several weeks of the new year when friends and family visit less often. Partnering with a recreation “buddy” can be a very successful tactic to counteract this shift. First, they can help fill the absence left behind after all the hustle and bustle winds down. Second, a partner can be a great motivation tool, holding you accountable and encouraging you when necessary. In fact, many start to look forward to their fitness routine when they partner with someone–viewing it more as a social outing as less as a chore.

Recreation Pass Promotions & Deals

The post-holiday season is a great time to get a deal on all sort of goods, and our recreation passes are no exception! Until January 31, 2023, purchase an annual Recreation Pass and you’ll enjoy an extra month free!

For children, ages 5-12, MY Fun Pass is an affordable option to stay active and engaged during the school year. Kids can enjoy unlimited, drop-in access to swimming, skating, gym sports, MYzone and MYgame programs after school, on weekends and during school holidays until June 30, 2023. Plus, you can take advantage of our payment plan option and pay 50% upon registration and the remaining 50% on February 1, 2023. You can also gain access to MYzone and MYgame after school drop-in programs at no additional cost with the purchase of a child/youth annual Recreation Pass.

The holiday season is both an exciting and strenuous time. That’s why it’s important to take care of yourself, start back slowly and work towards reasonable goals that won’t result in burnout. January is a great time to hit the reset button, so choose a recreation buddy, incorporate variety into your activities and focus on making small strides that produce long-term results. 

To learn more about the City of Surrey’s recreation passes and how you can purchase one, visit surrey.ca/passes.