Someone handing their recreation pass to the front desk staff.

Find out about admission fees and value passes for our recreation facilities.

Buy a Summer Fun Pass

Enjoy unlimited access to drop-in activities including swimming, skating, gymnasium sports, and fitness classes.

    Our mission is to build healthy communities where people of all ages and abilities can be active and engaged. Whether you are just getting started or visit regularly, we have a variety of passes to suit your needs.

    Summer Fun Pass

    Make this summer one to remember!

    Enjoy unlimited access to drop-in activities including swimming, skating, gymnasium sports, and fitness classes.

    On sale June 1. Valid July 1 to September 2. Prices are prorated throughout the summer.


    • Adult – $97.50
    • Child/Youth – $48.75
    • 60+/Student – $73.00
    • 70+ – $24.50

    How to buy

    Annual & monthly passes

    Get unlimited drop-in access to weight rooms, fitness classes, swimming, skating and gymnasium sports with an annual or monthly Recreation Surrey pass. Recreation Surrey passes are valid at all City operated indoor pools, arenas, and recreation facilities.

    Passes are non-transferable and non-refundable. No contracts, sign-up fees, or commitments. Cancel anytime for a $5 withdrawal fee. Learn more about our refund policy.

    Annual passes are eligible for monthly payment plans. If you are in financial need, you might qualify for our Leisure Access Program.

      1 year 1 month
    (2–18 yrs)
    $277.50 $38.00
    Student $416.25 $57.00
    (19–59 yrs)
    $555.00 $76.00
    (60–69 yrs)
    $416.25 $57.00
    (70+ yrs)
    $138.75 $19.00
    Family $1110.00 $152.00
    • Children ages 8 to 12 with an annual Child/Youth pass receive a free MYzone & MYgame membership. 
    • Youth ages 10 to 18 with an annual Child/Youth pass receive a free youth membership.
    • People ages 55 years and older with an annual Adult or Senior pass receive a free Seniors Services Membership.
    • Family pass includes a maximum of two adults (minimum one parent/guardian) and their dependent children ages 18 years or younger.
    • Student rates apply for accredited post-secondary institutions and required proof of student ID.

    Single visits & swipe passes

      1 visit 5 visit
    swipe pass
    10 visit
    swipe pass
    20 visit
    swipe pass
    (2–18 yrs)
    $3.75 $18.00 $33.75 $60.00
    Student $5.75 $27.00 $50.75 $90.00
    (19–59 yrs)
    $7.50 $35.75 $67.50 $120.00
    (60–69 yrs)
    $5.75 $27.50 $51.75 $92.00
    (70+ yrs)
    $2.00 $9.50 $18.00 $32.00
    Family $3.75 N/A N/A N/A


    Featured passes

    MY Fun Pass

    Keep your children ages 2 to 12 active during the school year! For $115.75, children can enjoy unlimited, drop-in access to swimming, skating, gym sports, MYzone and MYgame programs after school (for kids ages 8 to 12), on weekends and during school holidays from September 5, 2023 to June 30, 2024.

    Take advantage of our payment plan option and pay 50% upon registration and the remaining 50% on February 1, 2024.

    Buy a MY Fun Pass

    PRC Attendant Pass

    The Parks, Recreation and Culture (PRC) Attendant Pass helps caretakers facilitate a disabled family member or client’s safe attendance of a PRC program or service.

    With the pass, attendants can access these programs and services at no cost while supporting a family member or client. To receive your pass, email and book an appointment today. 

    For more information, visit our Accessibility Services webpage.

    Gift cards

    Give the gift of recreation to your loved ones! Purchase a gift card in person at any recreation facility. Gift cards can be redeemed online or in-person and can be used towards:

    • Registered courses
    • Membership passes
    • Registered drop-in activities
    • Recreation retail and concessions

    Recreation Passcard

    All City of Surrey recreation facilities require patrons to present a Recreation Passcard before entering. The Recreation Passcard is free of charge and connects to your account. Learn about the benefits of having a Recreation Passcard.

    Important information

    Terms & Conditions

    Cancelling a pass

    A $5 fee will be charged to cancel a Recreation Surrey pass.

    Returned or declined payments

    Failure to comply with the payment schedule for annual passes may result in being withdrawn. Clients will be notified if payment is declined. Passes will be cancelled if no payment is received after 7 days. Clients must provide payment for any outstanding balances on their account.

    Annual pass extensions

    Annual passes can be suspended and extended, once, for up to three months. Extensions have no monetary/cash value.

    Withdrawal fees for registered programs

    Withdrawal fees apply if you withdraw within stated time frames.

    We've updated our withdrawal fees for registered programs. Learn how to withdraw and find all withdrawal fees.

    Code of Conduct

    This Code of Conduct identifies the standard of behaviour that is expected in Surrey Parks, Recreation and Culture facilities.

    1. Respect the dignity and spirit of all participants.
    2. Treat all participants fairly and equitably.
    3. Engage in fair play by respecting the rules of the activity and/or the facility.
    4. Do not take part in or tolerate behaviour that frightens, embarrasses, demoralizes, or negatively affects the self-esteem of anyone.
    5. Promote language and behaviour that encourages participation. Abusive, disrespectful, or violent language or actions by anyone will not be tolerated.
    6. Respect public property and the property of others.

    Individuals and/or organizations who do not adhere to the Code of Conduct will be requested to leave the facility immediately. Depending on the severity of the incident, a further ban from all City facilities may be imposed.

    Exclusion of Liability – Assumption of Risk

    As a condition of participation, the registrant assumes all risk of personal injury, death or property loss resulting from any cause whatsoever, including but not limited to the inherent risks related to participation in the program, activity, or sport which this receipt relates, or negligence, breach of contract of statutory duty of care on the part of the City of Surrey and its employees and agents.

    The participant agrees that the City of Surrey and its employees and agents shall not be liable for any such personal injury, death or property loss and releases the City of Surrey, and its employees and agents and waives all claims with respect thereto.

    Your Personal Information

    The personal information that you provide during the registration process is collected and used under the authority of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Your information is used only to administer recreation and cultural programs, and is retained only as long as necessary for the purposes of the specified program and as required under the Act.

    Learn more about our Privacy Policy for Recreation Programs and Services.