Get financial assistance to join in Parks, Recreation and Culture Programs with Surrey's Leisure Access Program (LAP).

If you are in financial need, you might qualify for Surrey's Leisure Access Program. With the Leisure Access Program, you can join Surrey recreation activities for 75% off or for free. 

Language translation services are available for free if you have any questions about the Leisure Access Program and would like answers in another language. Interpretation services are also available at all Surrey recreation facilities.

Questions? Call 604-502-6325 or email

Qualifying for the Leisure Access Program (LAP)

You may qualify for the program if you are a Surrey resident and one of the following situations applies.

  • You are a Surrey resident (OR) a refugee with Government-sponsored status or blended status and your settlement services agency is approved to refer you.
  • You are not a privately sponsored refugee
  • Your family’s combined net income from line 236 of your Notice of Assessment(s) is less than the number allowed for your family size – see the Family Size & Income Table below to learn your net income maximum number.
  • Your family’s combined amount from your T1 line 121 is $500 or less
  • Your family’s combined amount from your T1 line 208 is $2000 or less
  • Your family’s combined amount from your T1 line 254 is $2000 or less
  • You have all required documents.

Family Size & Income Table

A Family is 1 or 2 adult(s), legally married or common-law partner, and their legal dependents. Find your net income on your Notice of Assessment(s), line 236. 

Family Size & Income Table
Family Size Family Net Income  Maximum for LAP
1 $22,277
2 $27,111
3 $33,760
4 $42,119
5 $47,960
6 $53,189
7 $58,418
8 $58,418 + $5,172 for each person



How to Apply for the Leisure Access Program (LAP)

Step 1: Get Copies of all of Your Required Documents

Choose how you are applying to see what you must bring in to apply for LAP:

Step 2: Bring Your Application Package to any City Hall - Healthy Communities Office

Call 604-502-6325 or email to make an appointment prior to visiting City Hall.  In preparation we ask you to prepare your required documents and bring them to your scheduled appointment at City Hall – Healthy Communities. 

Your appointment will take around 15 to 20 minutes for us to review and process. If your application is complete and you meet the requirements, you will receive your Leisure Access Pass right away.

Step 3: Use Your Leisure Access Pass

Once you and your family have an active Leisure Access Pass, it is valid for registered drop-in activities at reopened City of Surrey recreation facilities.

Activities include:

  • Fitness classes
  • Gymnasium sports
  • Weight room
  • Aquatic activities

A few specialty classes are not included with your Leisure Access Pass.

Discounts and Benefits in the Leisure Access Program (LAP)


Recreation Pass or Single Admission Discounts

  • Children (0 to 12), Youth (13 to 18) and Seniors (60 and older) receive a 100% discount on a 1-year pass to all City of Surrey facilities
  • Adults (19  to 59) receive a 75% discount on single admission, monthly or 1-year passes to all City of Surrey facilities

Registered Program Discounts

  • LAP members receive 75% discount on most registered courses.
  • During one year, a family member 18 years and younger can get a discount of up to $500. A family member 19 years and older will get a discount of up to $250 per family member. 

You also get free skate and helmet rentals at Surrey arenas with the Leisure Access Pass. 

Day Camp Discounts

Applicable day camps for Children (0 to 12) and Youth (13 to 18) have no discount limits.  Please contact a facility for more details.