children toss a ball with yellow scoops

Enjoy free, active and family-friendly activities at various parks this summer!

We had a great summer with over 1500 Park Play participants! Check back for the 2024 schedule.

Park Play runs in July and August and offers self-directed and staff-led park activities for you and your family to enjoy! Park Play has provided free activities to children and youth in Surrey’s Parks since 2006.

Self-directed games and activities at Holland Park

Self-Directed Activities and Kits

Park Play offers a variety of activities and kits for participants of all abilities.

Group Games

Staff-led group games are a fun way to learn a variety of activities and games that you can play with your family and friends. 

Parent/guardian participation is required. Staff are not responsible for participants.

Park Play Kits

A Park Play Kit is a bucket of sports and play equipment that you can borrow to play with your family or friends during your visit to the park. Each Park Play Kit includes a variety of items such as balls, skipping ropes, catchers, and more! Park Play Kit equipment is provided by LIVE 5201.

If you are looking to learn some new games to play with the items in your kit, be sure to join a group game hosted by our Park Play staff!

Park Games

Park games such as bocce and Spike Ball are available to borrow. These are fun passive and active games to play with your family and friends.

Spray Park Kits

Beat the heat with our Spray Park Kits! Kits include water sprayers, bubbles, sponge balls and more. These kits are available to borrow at Park Play locations which feature spray park amenities

Seek & Find

Go on a park adventure with your family to find all of the Seek & Find symbols. Drop by the Park Play booth next summer to start your Seek & Find adventure or download the PDF versions below and play now. Parent supervision is required. 

Seek & Find - Icon search

Seek & Find - Fill in the Blanks

five children pose with sporting equipment
boy kicks a soccer ball while a line of children wait their turn
boy reached to grab a soccer ball from the ground
children do jumping jacks in a circle, led by a program leader