Godwin Park Viewing Platform

Check out spectacular views of the water from one of Surrey's many parks.

April 7, 2021
Parks & Recreation

Explore the beauty of the outdoors and check out parks in Surrey that have ponds, lakes, or ocean views. Remember to check City of Surrey's park use guidelines before you visit.

Godwin Farm Biodiversity Preserve
Enjoy a tree walk to view the 174 feet registered heritage tree, and a pond that is home to a variety of birdlife. Please note: dogs are not allowed at this park, on or off-leash.

Surrey Lake Park
Enjoy the scenic beauty and watch the ducks swim at this marvelous human-made lake. Please note: dogs are allowed at the park but not permitted in the water.

Mud Bay Park
Have a relaxing time and enjoy the beautiful sights of Boundary Bay. When the tide is high, you can sometimes see seals and loons in the waves. Please note: dogs, bikes, and horses are not permitted on the shoreline trails from fall to early spring.

Boundary Park
Boundary Park is a large neighbourhood park near the Delta border. At the southwest corner of the park, you'll find a large pond, popular with ducks and other water fowl. There is a nice walking path that loops around the pond.

Cougar Creek Park
Observe ducks swimming in the ponds, fish in the creeks and beavers making dams, all surrounded by paths and bridges. Close by is a baseball diamond and soccer field for sports or to host an event.

Blackie Spit Park
Take in the stunning views of Mud Bay and north shore mountain while bird watching. Please note: dogs must be on leash on beaches. The exception is the off-leash area at Blackie Spit at Crescent Beach.

Surrey Public Wharf
Take a day off and enjoy a serene boating experience on the Fraser River. There is lots of opportunities to fish salmon, cutthroat trout, and sturgeon.

Surrey Bend Regional Park
Explore floodplain forests, marshes, thickets, and a recently enhanced water channel that provides habitat for many wildlife species.

Green Timbers Urban Forest
Walk through one of city's largest parks, home to over 10 kilometers of nature trails, a regularly stocked fishing lake, picnic areas, and the Surrey Nature Centre.

Bill Reid Millennium Amphitheatre
In the heart of Cloverdale, this large park has loads of open grass and walking paths to enjoy, including a pond where you can watch the ducks swimming.

John Thompson Park
Explore the significant fish-bearing stream in the heart of the city, and its tributaries. Please note: a small area of the park is accessible from 77 Ave and 77A Ave. The remainder of the park is dedicated to environmental protection.

Brownsville Bar Park
Have a picnic on the green space next to the sandy beach with views of New Westminster and the Fraser River. There is a beautiful walking loop to explore, as well.

Crescent Park
Discover secret meadows on the walking trail through mature second-growth forests, with ponds and streams. Observe numerous species of birds that prefer the dense undergrowth, as well as ducks and kingfishers that use the small pond.

Crescent Beach
Enjoy a fun day of swimming, beach volleyball, and scenic views from the pier. Find a spot for a blanket picnic or explore a nature trail along the seaside.

Chantrell Park
Take a walk around this natural area and watch out for beavers! There are numerous trails and paths with diverse flora to explore.

Latimer Park
Though predominantly undeveloped, you will find several pathways, including a loop that goes around the lake. Please note: access to the park can be found on 28 Avenue, about 130 meters east of 192 Street.

Serpentine Fen
Explore nature trails, walk along the dyke, and keep your eyes on the water as harbour seals have been known to swim up the channel from Boundary Bay.

Kwomais Point Park
Enjoy stunning views across the bay to Tsawwassen and beyond to Vancouver Island and the San Juan Islands. There are walking paths and natural area trails that runs through the forest.

Elgin Heritage Park
Walk through the gorgeous wetland, which features a tidal river, salmon-bearing creek, many ponds and marshes, a meadow, a forested area, and the Historic Stewart Farm. Please note: dogs are allowed on leash at all times.

Tynehead Regional Park
Have a family day out and enjoy spectacular nature trails, visit the Tynehead Hatchery and learn about the salmon of the Serpentine River.

Tannery Park
Access a unique part of the Fraser River, adjacent to over 6 hectares (15 acres) of mudflats and tidal estuary and watch some birds fly. Please note: park offers a dog off-leash area, separated from the more sensitive waterfront area.

Check out the Nature Trails Brochure and a complete list of Surrey Parks for more ideas!