Elgin Heritage Park

Explore the trails, have a picnic or visit historic Stewart Farm at Elgin Heritage Park.

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13723 Crescent Road, Surrey BC

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A permit is required for professional and group photography.  Request your free permit.

Elgin Heritage Park is very popular, featuring a gorgeous wetland, meadow, forested area, marina and the Historic Stewart Farm heritage zone. The nature trail through the park is over 3 kilometres long and takes about an hour to complete.

The park's most important ecosystem is its wetland, including the tidal Nicomekl River, a salmon-bearing creek, and many ponds and marshes. Wetland habitats are rare in British Columbia, so take care by staying on trails and keeping dogs on leash at all times. By doing so, you will also protect the many animals (including shorebirds, barn owls and fish) that live here.

Hosting events at Elgin Heritage Park

Learn how to host an event in a park and review the park activity guidelines.

There are larger, multi-use parks that may be better suited for your event, particularly if your event or activities feature more than 50 people.

Picnic shelters

There are 4 picnic shelters in Elgin Heritage Park:

  • 1 located west of the boat launch
  • 1 located east of the boat launch
  • 2 located in the west section of the park

Picnic shelters are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.


Professional and group photography

With a no fee permit, professional and group photography is allowed in at Elgin Heritage Park and the Historic Stewart Farm when these guidelines are followed:

  1. Stay on designated trails and open lawn (mowed grassy areas that are not sports fields or tall grass meadows which are important for groundnesting birds and other wildlife).
  2. Stay out of garden beds, forested areas and tall grass meadows.
  3. Photography is not permitted inside the buildings
  4. Do not smoke or drink alcohol on the park grounds
  5. Do not sit on the verandah and fences
  6. Leave benches and other items where they are
  7. Do not use smoke bombs, coloured powder, or other such devices.
  8. Drones are not allowed in Surrey parks without permission from the General Manager of Parks, Recreation & Culture. You must have a flight permit on you if asked.

These guidelines are in place to protect environmentally sensitive areas from trampling, erosion and loss of biodiversity. Please respect these guidelines, wildlife and the experience of all visitors. 

Request a Free photography permit


Email partnersinparks@surrey.ca for questions about the permit.

Limousines and chartered buses

Limousine and chartered buses are not permitted to park on-site.

  • Drop-off is at the roundabout by Ward’s Marina.
  • Use off-site parking for the duration of the session.

Learn more about photography at the Historic Stewart Farm.


The land was pre-empted by Samuel Hardy in the 1880s and later settled by John Stewart who built the fine Victorian farmhouse in 1894. For over 5 decades, the Stewart family operated a hay farm and helped build the local school, church, community hall and river dykes of the historic community of Elgin. Their property, including the farmhouse, is well-maintained and open to visitors.

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