Francis Park

Take a stroll along the walking paths or enjoy the seniors' wellness park.

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Dawn until Dusk


15951 - 83 Avenue, Surrey BC

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Park Information

Francis Park is located at the south side of the Fleetwood Community Centre. Within the park you'll find lots of open grass space, a playground and a popular 300-metre walking loop. Find outdoor fitness equipment to use for cardio and strength training. There are also plenty of benches for relaxing.

Park Upgrades

Since the development of Francis Park in 2009, the community has expressed a need for a pavilion, playground, and more seating and trees in the park.

The new playground was constructed in summer 2018 and more new amenities are planned for Francis Park, including a pavilion, meeting spaces with seating, and more trees. We are working with the community to finalize the location of the pavilion and advance its design.

To guarantee that the location/design of the meeting places, trees and pavilion work together, construction of the meeting places and planting of trees is paused until completion of further community consultation and planning/design of the pavilion.

Community Engagement 

In winter 2018, we presented preliminary project information and a preliminary concept plan at a public Open House on January 30, 2018. Feedback was collected through comment forms at the Open House and an online survey in mid February to early March, 2018. Of the 131 respondents, 79% were in support of the addition of a pavilion, and 80% were in support of the addition of a playground to the park. The majority of respondents indicated their support for the overall design concept.

In spring 2018, we presented a detailed concept plan and did a site walk through with community stakeholder groups. Some community groups expressed concerns about the pavilion being located on the east end of the park in close proximity to the playground. In response to these concerns we are reviewing other possible locations for the pavilion and an update will be provided shortly.


Summer - Fall 2018

  1. Transplanted trees (May 30, 2018): We transplanted five trees from the proposed playground area to the area beside the chess table. These trees will offer shade for people sitting at the chess table and additional trees will be planted in the playground.
  2. Gravel pathway (June, 2018): A gravel pathway was constructed in the north east corner of the park to provide access from the Fleetwood Community Centre pre-school down to the walking loop and future playground.
  3. Playground (Sept 7, 2018): Construction of the playground is now complete and the playground is open.
  4. Meeting places: Final locations of the Meeting Places are yet to be determined.
  5. Tree planting: Final locations of new trees are yet to be determined.

Park Background

Francis Park was named after Edith Francis, sister of Arthur Thomas Fleetwood (after whom the community of Fleetwood was named). She was instrumental in naming the community of Fleetwood, and was one of the founding members of the Fleetwood Community Association, formed in 1923. The park was named after Edith Francis in honour of her contribution to the community.

Park Amenities