A new spray park at Hawthorne Park

Explore the plans, designs and current development projects in Surrey parks.

We are continually working to ensure our parks and trails are well-designed and maintained to meet the needs of our growing community. This includes constructing new parks and improving existing parks.

We also host open houses and surveys throughout the year to get community feedback.

See what's new with Surrey Parks:

Planning & Design

Name Address Community Project Details
Artificial turf field projects Various Various

Designing a new 3rd field at Tamanawis Park. 

Crescent Park 2585 - 132 Street South Surrey Planning a new parking lot, pathway and sports lighting.
Edmund Park 15149 Edmund Dr Newton Planning for a new neighbourhood park. 
Meagan Anne MacDougall Park 9008 Fleetwood Way Fleetwood Planning future park upgrades.
Newton Athletic Park 7395 - 128 St Newton

New washrooms and changerooms.

Nicomekl Riverfront Park South side of Nicomekl River South Surrey Designing a new riverfront park.
Panorama Heights Park 12863 - 60 Ave Newton Planning new trail and pathway system. 
South Surrey Athletic Park 14600 - 20 Ave South Surrey Designing a new bike park.
Whippletree Park 13760 - 62 Ave Newton Planning for a new neighbourhood park. 

Under Construction

Name Address Community Project Details
125G Neighbourhood Park 1765 - 167 Street South Surrey Installation of temporary amenities.
Artificial turf field projects Various Various

Turf replacements at Field #1 & Field #3 at Newton Athletic Park. 

Bear Creek Park 13750 - 88 Avenue Whalley Constructing a new Athletics Centre.
Clayton Park 18513 - 70 Avenue Cloverdale Playground upgrades.
Keery Park 18791 - 28 Avenue South Surrey Constructing a new washroom and picnic shelter.
Latimer Park 2786 - 192 Street South Surrey Constructing a new dog off-leash area, parking lot and washroom, and park upgrades (environmental improvements).
Mud Bay Park 13030 - 48 Avenue Newton Constructing new coastal flood adaptation elements.
Salmonberry Park 72 Ave and 191 Street Cloverdale Constructing a new playground, social gathering areas, and pathways.
Strawberry Hill Park 7676 - 122 Street Newton Installing high-mast netting
Sunnyside Park 15455 - 26 Avenue South Surrey Resurfacing tennis courts and constructing a new multi-sport court.

Recently Completed

Name Address Community Project Details
Blackie Spit Park 3136 McBride Ave South Surrey

Renovation of existing washroom to double capacity – completed July 2022.

Bridgeview Park 12560 - 115 Ave Whalley Playground upgrade – completed Fall 2021.
Brooks Crescent Park 6050 Brooks Cr Cloverdale Playground expansion and upgrades – completed February 2022.
Campbell Escarpment Biodiversity Preserve 40 Ave and 189 St South Surrey New park acquisition.
Clayton Dog Off-Leash Park 7011 – 188 Street Cloverdale Parking lot repaved – completed August 2023.
Crescent Park 2585 132 St South Surrey

Construction of new pickleball courts – completed September 2022.

Renovation of caretakers facility into arts centre – completed June 2022.

Public washroom upgrades – completed June 2022.

Don Christian Park

6220 184 St Cloverdale

New playground construction – completed October 2021.

New volleyball court – completed April 2022.

Fergus Watershed Biodiversity Preserve 1277 - 168 St South Surrey  New natural area park.
Hawthorne Rotary Park 10513 - 144 St Whalley

New sport court – completed Fall 2021.

Holly Park 10706 148 St Guildford Community garden expansion and upgrades – completed May 2022.
Invergarry Park 11297 Surrey Rd Guildford

New playground – completed May 2022.

Joe Brown Park 5381 - 125A St Newton New dog off-leash area – completed February 2022.
Kabaddi Park 7017 - 122 St Newton New rubber volleyball court and walking loop upgrade – completed July 2022.
Keery Park 18791 - 28 Ave South Surrey New nature trail loop – completed November 2021.
Newton Athletic Park 7395 - 128 St Newton

New rubber walking loop and athletic field #4 converted to artificial turf – completed July 2022.

Artificial turf replacement of fields #1 and #5 – completed October 2022.

Redwood Park 17900 - 20 Ave South Surrey Entrance road improvements – completed October 2021.
South Surrey Athletic Park 14600 - 20 Ave South Surrey

Construction of a new Bayside Rugby field house – completed June 2022.

Upgrades to running track and field events facilities – completed June 2022.

Grass field #8 converted to artificial turf – completed July 2022.

Surrey Nature Centre 14225 Green Timbers Way Whalley

Redesigned the plaza and parking lot drop-off area – completed December 2022.


For questions or inquiries about these projects, call 604-501-5050 or email PRCCustomerService@surrey.ca.

Other Initiatives

Parks Agriculture Initiative 

The City of Surrey is unique in having approximately 20 parks within the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR). Surrey Parks is undertaking a study, funded through the Investment Agriculture Foundation of BC, to examine the existing and potential role of agriculture in parkland within the ALR. 

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