14225 Green Timbers Way
Surrey, BC V3T 0J2




Closed statutory holidays



Interpretive Space

The Sky Room interpretive space is open. We have displays of local flora and fauna, a reading nook filled with plant and animal guidebooks, a family area, and Sammy the salamander. 

Surrey Nature Centre interpretive space

Guided Nature Walks

Join a Surrey Nature Centre team member for an in-person, guided nature walk. Walks are designed for all ages and will go rain or shine. Register online.


  • March 22
  • April 15 and 26
  • May 13 and 24
  • June 10 and 21
  • July 8 and 19
  • August 12 and 23

Story Time


Join us for an outdoor story followed by a nature-inspired activity. Story time takes place outside (rain or shine); children must be accompanied by an adult. Register online.

  • March 28
  • April 11 and 25
  • May 9 and 23
  • June 6 and 20
  • July 12 and 19* 
  • August 16 and 26*

* switching to Saturdays and Wednesdays for the summer. 

Self-guided Story Trail

Visit the park and take a walk along our Story Trail featuring a story book.

  • March: Berry Song
  • April: The Garden of Peace
  • May: When the Sakura Bloom
  • June: Fatima's Great Outdoors
  • July: Oolichan Moon 
  • August: Before We Stood Tall

New Early Years Program

We are happy to announce our brand new caregiver and tot program: Nature Exploration and Play.

Caregivers and their tots (5 years and under) will have a chance to explore and play with natural materials and loose parts in this 8-session series. Each session is 90 minutes long and will be held outdoors; caregiver participation required. First series to run in July. 

School Programs & Teacher Activity Kits

Complement your classroom teaching by scheduling an in-person school program ($109/session) (NEW program launching April 2023) or by borrowing one of our teacher activity kits complete with materials, games and lesson ideas ($30/two week rental).

Nature Exploration for Groups

Bring your group for a guided walk or program (all ages and children programs available) to deepen their connection to nature and Green Timbers Park. Walks can be tailored to your group's interests and badges ($2 each) can be added to the programs.