Find out about the required homeowner electrical permits and temporary construction power permits.

If you're a homeowner interested in performing electrical work at your residence, you must be aware of several important facts before proceeding.

An alternative to obtaining a homeowner electrical installation permit is to hire a Licensed Electrical Contractor to perform the electrical work in your home. It is very common and highly recommended for a homeowner to hire the services of an electrical contractor to install the more complex main electrical service under a separate electrical permit while the owner performs the remainder of the work under their own homeowners permit.

Forms and guidelines

You must indicate that you've read and understood the Technical Safety BC's Homeowner's Guide when applying for electrical permits as part of the permit application process.

You also must prepare arrangements for an alternate power source if the Electrical Safety Officer doesn't authorize a service connection, or if BC Hydro can't make a residential connection immediately.

Temporary construction power

If temporary power is required during construction, you must have a separate Temporary Power permit during the construction cycle of the project, until BC Hydro switches over to permanent house power.

We recommend you contract a Licensed Electrical Contractor for the Temporary Power Permit requirement.

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