See how Surrey is enhancing its agricultural land base while maximizing productivity.

The Surrey Agriculture Enhancement and Protection Strategy, adopted in 2013, sets out a comprehensive and coordinated set of Strategic Directions and Priorities for Action that are intended to protect and enhance the healthy growth, viability, profitability and sustainability of the local agriculture sector. The Purpose of Surrey’s Agriculture Strategy is:

  • To identify key priorities and actions for enhancing the growth and vitality of the agriculture sector in Surrey by outlining 5 major “strategic directions” with 30 priorities for action.
  • To ensure the sustainability and resilience of the Agrifood sector in Surrey in the face of a changing future, responding to a changing climate, changing markets and changing technology.
  • To reinforce and complement the BC Agrifoods Strategy and to direct actions at the local government level whereby the Provincial government and Agricultural Land Commission play a lead role in agriculture with Surrey continuing to contribute significantly to maximize local opportunities and successes.

Strategic Directions

The Agriculture Enhancement and Protection Strategy 5 Strategic Directions include:

  1. Land Base. Preserve and enhance Surrey’s agricultural land base for farming.
  2. Innovation. Encourage and support innovation in production, processing and marketing across the agriculture sector.
  3. Infrastructure. Provide infrastructure necessary to support the growth and viability of the agricultural industry.
  4. Agri-Urban Connections. Enhance connections and relationships between agriculture an urban residents.
  5. Sustainability and Resiliency. Ensure a sustainable and resilient agri-food sector into the future.


Surrey’s Agriculture Enhancement and Protection Strategy will be implemented through a variety of means, including but not limited to:

  1. Undertaking a comprehensive review of relevant bylaws and Plans including: the Official Community Plan, Agricultural Plan, Agricultural Development Permit Guidelines, Zoning By-law, Development Cost Charges By-law, Soil Removal and Deposition By-law, Land Development and Subdivision By-law and others to reduce unnecessary regulation and to support innovation and renewed investment in the agriculture sector in Surrey.
  2. Supporting feasibility studies and pilot projects on a number of key aspects including:
    • Investigation of alternative sources of water for agriculture.
    • A farm incubator program supporting young farmers.
    • An AgOneStop system for dealing with all agriculture-related inquiries.
  3. Investigating the potential for establishing a Surrey Agricultural Innovation Fund, to work in conjunction with programs offered through the Investment Agricultural Fund, to provide support for innovative and sustainable agricultural initiatives.

Contact our Community Planning Division at 604-591-4485 with any questions regarding the Agriculture Protection and Enhancement Strategy.