Find out about Surrey's regulations about vehicles for sale, unlicensed vehicles, and trailers on city streets.

Find out about Surrey's regulations regarding vehicles on city streets. 

Vehicles on City Streets

Emergency Vehicle Operational Requirements

These distances represent minimums.  At the discretion of the Transportation Division Engineers, the travel lane width may be increased to 4.0 metres to allow for operation of emergency vehicle doors, equipment, and manpower, or 6.0 metres to allow for extension of outriggers.

*Note: The illustrations below are a general guide-line for on-street parking requirements, the City of Surrey's Highway and Traffic By-law, 1997, No. 13007 takes precedence in any case.

Emergency Vehicle Operational Requirements
Utility and Recreational Trailers

Trailers must be hooked up to a vehicle with motive power (an engine) when parked on a City street. This includes utility and recreational trailers.

Unlicensed Vehicles

Vehicles must display valid insurance for operation on city roadways (number plate and decal, or temporary operation permit) to park on city roadways. Storage insurance permits parking only on private property, not on City property.

Vehicles for Sale

No goods are permitted to be sold on City property, including vehicles. Vehicles displaying "For Sale" signs will be ticketed. Remove the "For Sale" signs when parking your vehicle on City property.

Vehicles on City Streets Regulations