Find out the regulations for parking on streets when there is signage.

On-street parking regulations when there are signs

Some parking regulations in Surrey will have a sign reflecting the details of the restriction, whether it be time restrictions, no parking or no stopping. Restricted parking signs are in effect year round, including Stat holidays unless otherwise posted              

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Below are some of the common signs a motorists will see on Surrey streets.  

Parking With Signs

No Stopping Sign
  • “Stopping” means the complete cessation from movement of a vehicle, whether occupied or not, except to avoid a collision, obey a traffic control device or follow the instructions of a peace officer or traffic control person.
  • "No Stopping" zones are typically used on busier roads to ensure that travel lanes are not obstructed and that visibility remains clear near curves, driveways and on approaches to crosswalks.
  • The break in the roadway caused by a driveway or back lane does not end a restricted parking zone. The restricted parking zone ends at intersections or when the sign shows a “one way” arrow. 
  • They are also used near schools.


Time Limit Parking with Sign

Your vehicle cannot be parked in the same area exceeding the time designated on the sign. Restricted parking signs are in effect year round, including Stat holidays unless otherwise posted

For example:

  • 2 hours
  • 4 hours
Time Limited Sign



Angle Parking Sign

Angle parking is permitted only if a sign indicates it is allowed.

If angle parking is permitted, a vehicle must park within the painted lines, or in the event there are no painted lines, at a 60 degree angle from the curb.

Angle Parking Only Sign
Angle Parking