Learn the parking regulations on City of Surrey roads, and avoid getting a ticket.

Parking regulations help keep on-street parking available for everyone and ensure the safe and efficient movement of pedestrians, cyclists, public transit and motorists in Surrey.

With this shared use in mind, the City’s planning and design standards emphasize parking “off-street” rather than on-street.

To request parking enforcement in your area, contact parking.enforcement@surrey.ca or 604-591-4352. If you have a general inquiry about our parking regulations with signs or without signs, street parking, your ticket, or our appeal process, call 604-591-4178. Please note we do not accept any appeals over the phone.

How to Change a Parking Regulation

If you would like to change the parking regulations on your local road, contact the Engineering Department at EngWebmail@surrey.ca. A Parking Petition Form with at least 67% support of property owners in the affected block needs to be completed.

Overview of Parking Regulations

The information below is considered a general overview only. If any information differs from city bylaws, the BC Motor Vehicle Act and Surrey's Highway and Traffic Bylaw shall take precedence.