Find out where on-street pay parking is in Surrey, and learn how to use the pay parking stations.

Pay parking in Surrey is used to ensure there is a regular turnover of parking spaces in areas of high demand and where timed parking regulation alone is impractical. This helps ensure residents can access parking when they need it.

Revenue from parking is re-invested for community projects and services in Surrey, reducing the burden placed on the City’s tax base. Only 1.17% or 957 spaces out of a total of 81,399 on-street spaces require payment.            

If you have any questions or concerns regarding pay stations in Surrey, please contact 604-598-5887 or


Where to Park in Surrey

Use the following map to see where City of Surrey pay parking is located, as well as hours of operation.

Pay parking in Surrey

Payments can be made at most of our locations with cash, credit card, or your mobile phone with the Passport parking app.

Payments are linked to your vehicle through the licence plate details you enter into the pay station. It is important that the details are correct as any mismatch between the details entered into the pay station and those on your vehicle will result in a notice by our enforcement staff.

    Available at various pay parking locations throughout Surrey, Passport is a convenient payment option that offers multiple benefits from the convenience of your smartphone. The Passport app is available through the iOS App Store and Google Play. For those not on iOS or Android, the Passport web app is available.


    Each of the City's pay stations have a unique Pay Station ID located on the front of each pay station on the following decal:

    Using the unique Pay Station ID number, there are several ways you can report a broken or out-of-order pay station:

    •    By phone at 604-598-5887
    •    By email at
    •    On a smartphone (iPhone, Android, or Blackberry) using the MySurrey App