Report, remove and prevent graffiti on your property, in your neighbourhood and in your local parks with help from the City and local volunteer groups.

Graffiti is the unauthorized marking of public space by an individual or group. In most cases, it is considered vandalism of public or private property.

Graffiti is defined as one or more letters, initials, symbols, marks, slogans, designs or drawings permanently made on a sidewalk, wall, building, fence, sign or any other structure or surface. Graffiti does not include marks made accidentally or placed by the property owner.

Graffiti on City Property

Report Graffiti

Report graffiti on City property using our online Report a Problem tool.

You can also report graffiti on City property by contacting, or the Anti-Graffiti Hotline at 604-591-4370.

Graffiti on Private Property

Graffiti cleanup on private property is the property owner's responsibility, and action should be taken as soon as possible. Consider the following options if you need assistance:

Anti-Graffiti Program: Contact the Surrey Crime Prevention Society for help removing graffiti. The Society coordinates neighbourhood paint-outs and volunteers to remove the graffiti.

Paint Voucher Program: Use a paint voucher to get a reduced price on paint and supplies from select retailers. Submit your online service request for a paint voucher through our Bylaw Enforcement team.


When the City receives a complaint about graffiti on private property, a bylaw enforcement officer:

  • Inspects the property
  • Explains the bylaw to the property owner or occupant
  • Explains what must be done to remove the graffiti
  • Sets a deadline for the removal of the graffiti

If the graffiti has not been removed by the deadline, the City may have the graffiti removed at the property owner’s expense. The cost of the cleanup will form a part of the property taxes of the property if the owner does not pay.

Cabinet Wrap Program

The City minimizes graffiti in our communities by wrapping Telus, Hydro and traffic cabinet boxes in high traffic areas with our cabinet wrap program. Since 2008, we have been using anti-graffiti laminate in the cabinet wrap material, which reduces the time and cost of graffiti removal.

Our Neighbourhood Enhancement Planner guides developers, strata owners and other groups looking to wrap a utility cabinet. Reach out to for help selecting graphics and connecting with vinyl wrap suppliers.

Please note that single-family residential properties are not permitted to wrap BC Hydro boxes as per BC Hydro policy. Learn more about BC Hydro's decorative wrap procedures.