Check out PARKit, Surrey's public space animation program that supports vibrant public spaces.

City Centre Mall Pop-up Park seating

PARKit is Surrey's space animation program that transforms spaces into vibrant places. Through PARKit we use street furniture, colourful design, and greenery to add to the vibrancy of public spaces.

You can find PARKit installations in the following locations from May to September.

  • Surrey Civic Plaza (City Centre)
  • 137th Street and 73rd (Newton)
  • Hawthorne Square (Cloverdale)

Parklet Sponsorship Program

New in 2022, bring a parklet to your neighbourhood or business!

A parklet is a temporary to semi-permanent “pop-up” public space. Often parklets take over space from cars on public roads and make space for people. Parklets are public space that everyone is welcomed in, and are not for the sole use of a business or organization. Parklets can include things like seating, art, plants or other public amenities to make streets better places for people.

The City of Surrey Parklet Program is your opportunity to sponsor a parklet in front of your business or organization. Businesses or organizations can apply to sponsor the design and build of your dream parklet.

You will be responsible for:

  • Day-to-day maintenance and cleaning
  • Funding build and installation of parklet
  • Funding annual refurbishment (if required)

We will be responsible for:

  • Major repairs
  • Permits and fees
  • Ownership of Parklet
  • Coordinating installation and removal

For detailed information, please consult the information package and parklet application form.

You can also apply for a Neighbourhood Enhancement Grant to support the design and build of the Parklet.

Note: Parklets are intended to be public space open to all. The Parking to Patio Program supports patios for the sole use of restaurants.


For questions about PARKit, please contact the Community Enhancement Planner.

Newton Pop-up Park

PARKit 2019 - Newton

Civic Plaza Pop-up Park

PARKit 2019 - Civic Plaza

Central City Pop-up Park

PARKit 2017 "A Canadian Summer"

Civic Plaza Pop-up Park

PARKit 2018 - Civic Plaza

Newton Pop-up Park

PARKit 2018 - Newton

Under the Skytrain Popup Park

PARKit 2016 "Surrey Spot"

Under the Skytrain Pop-up Park

PARKit 2015 "Pantone"

Under the Skytrain Pop-up Park

PARKit 2014 "Gingham Style"

Under the Skytrain Pop-up Park

PARKit 2013 "Take-Out"