Find out how you can improve your neighbourhood with a Neighbourhood Enhancement Grant.

Make your neighbourhood more beautiful and vibrant with a Neighbourhood Enhancement Grant.

You can receive a Small Project Grants for a maximum of $3,000 for a physical improvement. The Small Project Grant supports planning, organizing and carrying out projects that improve the physical appearance of your neighbourhood.

Overview and Guidelines

Read our program overview and guidelines for all details. Applications are accepted all year.


  • All Surrey residents, community groups, businesses and associations can apply.
  • You must match your grant money with contributions of volunteer labour and services, donated materials and/or cash. 

Small Project Grants

Maximum $3,000

The Neighbourhood Small Project Grant supports planning, organizing and carrying out projects that improve the physical appearance of your neighbourhood. For example, you could:

  • Create a neighbourhood garden
  • Landscape a boulevard
  • Clean up a vacant property
  • Plant some flowering trees
  • Create a neighbourhood entrance feature

Download the Small Project Grant Application.

Celebration & Activity Grants

Maximum $1,000

The Celebration & Activity Grant supports encouraging community activism and celebration. Some ideas include:

  • Hosting a block party (you may be eligible for up to $500)
  • Organizing a neighbourhood festival
  • Running a street cleanup day

Download the Celebration and Activity Grant Application.

How to Apply for a Grant