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Apply for a City of Surrey community grant for your non-profit group or organization.

The City of Surrey's annual community grants program is designed to support non-profit groups or organizations.

The 2025 community grant application deadline is September 30, 2024.

Review the grant application form for more information. 


Organizations will be expected to:

  • have an active governing body composed of volunteers, with paid staff excluded from voting membership;
  • have stable ongoing operating financial support; and
  • extend their service to the general public in Surrey, and not exclude anyone by reason of race, religion or ethnic background.

Sustainability questionnaire

We've added a sustainability questionnaire to the community grant process. Use the Sustainability Connections Quick Reference Guide to help you fill out this section of the questionnaire.

Selection process 

City Council has established a Grants Evaluation Committee, consisting of four city staff members, to review all applications and make recommendations on grant payment priorities. The final decision on all grant applications is made by City Council.

The Grants Evaluation Committee will review and recommend grant payments based on the following criteria:

  • the need for the project, the number of residents benefiting from the grant and the value to the community;
  • the absence of identical or competing services, programs or facilities in the community;
  • the cost per resident, funding sources, and financial stability of the organization;
  • the effectiveness and quality of the proposed program, project or event;
  • the history of the organization, including past services and programs; and
  • the suitability for one-time only funding for specific programs, capital projects, or special events.

Grants will not normally be recommended for travel, ongoing operating expenses, operating deficits, or services that are the responsibility of other levels of government. Any organization which receives a grant should not view the grant as an automatic source of funding in the following years. An evaluation of the use of the Surrey grant must be submitted at the end of the program, project or event.

More details for this process can be found in the Grant Policy D-26.

Submit your grant application

Complete the grant application form and submit it to the Office of the City Clerk in person, by mail, fax or email:

City of Surrey, Office of the City Clerk
13450 104 Avenue
Surrey, BC V3T 1V8
Fax: 604-501-7578
Email: clerks@surrey.ca

For more information, contact the Office of the City Clerk at 604-591-4132.

Past approved grants