Learn how to qualify for the Council Initiatives Fund (CIF).

Council Initiatives Fund (CIF) Applications

At the September 16, 2019 Regular Council Meeting, Council adopted the Council Initiatives Fund (CIF) Utilization Policy with the purpose of providing funding to initiatives that are not covered by other City funding policies such as the City Grant Policy.

The fundamental principles of the policy are:

  1. The CIF should only be used for events and/ or initiatives that are not supported financially in the City's annual operating budget nor are eligible for other City funding (including the City's Grant Program and City Property Tax Exemption Policy).
  2. Any amounts not allocated in a particular year from the CIF will be carried forward and added to the following year, to a maximum of $500,000 for the total program funding.
  3. CIF Funding will typically be for City Celebrations, Economic Development/Image Building Initiatives, Community Projects, Capital Contributions, and sponsorships.
  4. CIF Funding requests must be approved by Council via Corporate Report and receive simple majority support in order to proceed.
  5. CIF Funding will be provided to organizations and/or individuals that are in good standing with all City bylaws and standards.
  6. CIF funding is not to be utilized to support City run events, funding for these events should be included as part of the City's annual operating budget.

In order to apply for funding, please submit a completed application to clerks@surrey.ca at least 60 days prior to the date of the event.