Fireworks at night

Review Surrey's fireworks regulations and learn how to apply for a fireworks permit.

Fire Bans and Restrictions

The following types of open fires are prohibited in the Coastal Fire Centre, with the exception of the Haida Gwaii Forest District:

  • Category 1 campfires as defined in the Wildfire Regulation; 
  • Category 2 open fire as defined in the Wildfire Regulation; and, 
  • Category 3 open fire as defined in the Wildfire Regulation. 

In addition to open fires being prohibited, the following activities and equipment are also restricted:

  • Fireworks; 
  • Sky Lanterns; 
  • Burn Barrels or Burn Cages of any size or description; 
  • Binary Exploding Targets; 
  • Air curtain burners; 
  • Tiki and similar kind of torches; and, 
  • Chimineas.

For more information visit Fire Bans and Restrictions - Province of British Columbia.

The City of Surrey allows firework displays only if you have applied for and been granted the appropriate permit by the Surrey Fire Service Fire Prevention Branch.

Fireworks permits are issued under the authority of and are subject to the conditions of the Surrey Fireworks Regulation Bylaw No. 4200 and may be cancelled at any time by the Fire Chief without prior notice.

A completed Fireworks Permit Application and all other required information must be submitted to the Surrey Fire Service Fire Prevention Office at least 5 business days before the scheduled event.

Fireworks Permit Conditions

Conditions for receiving a fireworks permit are:

  • Proof of possession of a valid Natural Resources Canada Fireworks Operator card appropriate for the fireworks to be used in the display. Each individual who will purchase, handle, discharge, fire, or in anyway set off any fireworks materials and/or devices must posses a valid card.
  • Written permission to conduct a fireworks display from:
    • the property owner or agent of the land; and
    • the owner of agent of the neighbouring land on which fireworks debris might reasonably be expected to fall.
  • A Certificate of Liability Insurance (minimum $2,000,000).
  • A site plan that includes separation distances to the public, location of ramps and mortars, fallout zone, direction of firing and significant ground features. (e.g., roadways, buildings or other structures, overhead obstructions, parking areas, spectator viewing areas) and location of security personnel and public restraints.
  • An event description that includes the timeframe that the fireworks will be on site, time of site lockdown, time of setup, completion of display, list of devices and effects to be used, firing procedures, emergency procedures, description of site security and site cleanup.
  • A list of attending crew members and crew members qualified in first aid.
  • Verification of notification of appropriate RCMP District office of event details.

The permit application fee can be found under Section 6 (7) of the Surrey Fireworks Regulation Bylaw No. 4200. An inspection of the proposed site may be required prior to issuing the permit. If an inspection is required after 4:30pm, Monday to Friday or on weekends, an inspection fee will be charged.

Additional precautions may be required after an assessment by the Fire Inspector prior to issuing the Fireworks Permit.

Review Surrey's Burning Regulations and Permits for more information.