Read about the Newton: Sustainability in Action project. Through this pilot project, we have developed a plan for making Newton a more sustainable neighbourhood.

Our Action Plan is Now Complete

In spring 2017, we launched the Newton: Sustainability in Action pilot project. The goal was to work with residents and stakeholders to develop a plan for making Newton a more sustainable neighbourhood.

We are excited to announce that the community-focused Newton: Sustainability in Action Plan is now complete! It was approved by Council on November 18, 2019.

We wish to thank everyone who contributed at workshops, steering committee meetings and pop-up events. Your creative ideas, sincere feedback and community knowledge helped shape the Action Plan.

About the Action Plan

The Surrey Sustainability Charter 2.0 defines a vision of a thriving, green and inclusive City. It lays out goals and desired outcomes for eight community themes that guide decision-making across the City.

As the Sustainability Charter 2.0 represents a vision for the whole of Surrey, it served as our starting point for this Action Plan. Though this project, we explored what the City-level goals and desired outcomes look like at a neighbourhood level. We also looked at which actions we can collectively take to achieve them.

The Action Plan is organized by the Sustainability Charter 2.0’s themes and goals. Each theme includes desired outcomes for Newton while illustrating community desire for a sustainable future. A brief description of the current reality is also included.

The actions identified for each theme are the core of this Action Plan. They will help to guide future Newton-based projects and priorities for the City and its partners. Each action identifies the City business areas and community organizations responsible for implementation.

Residents and community organizations are invited to participate in the identified actions.

About the Project

Newton: Sustainability in Action was a neighbourhood-wide pilot planning project. The project engaged residents in identifying ways to make Newton a more thriving, green, and inclusive community. We worked with partners, stakeholders and residents to create a sustainable neighbourhood action plan for Newton.

This process included:

  • Developing neighbourhood goals and outcomes we wanted to see that connect with the Surrey Sustainability Charter 2.0.
  • Identifying what makes Newton a community.
  • Identifying the strengths and opportunities within the neighbourhood to create a neighbourhood profile.
  • Coming up with sustainable actions and projects residents could take on by themselves or as group.

Five Phases of the Project

Newton: Sustainability in Action was launched in late spring 2017. The project was guided by staff and consultants through the work of a steering committee. The committee included representation from City departments, public sector organizations and community groups. The project included extensive community engagement and public input.

Our goal was to reflect the perspectives and priorities of the Newton community as accurately as possible.

The Engagement Summary provides more details about the engagement process.

There were 5 phases to the project:

  • Phase 1: Project Preparation (June - July 2017)
  • Phase 2: Community Vision Development (August - October 2017)
  • Phase 3: Current Reality Assessment (October - December 2017)
  • Phase 4: Action Planning (January 2018 - October 2018)
  • Phase 5: Implementation & Monitoring Strategy (Winter 2018)

Key Documents

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