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Surrey's roadmap to a zero-carbon climate-resilient city in 2050.

Council Adoption

The Climate Change Action Strategy was adopted by Surrey City Council on July 24, 2023.

The Climate Change Action Strategy (CCAS) envisions a zero-carbon climate-resilient city by 2050. It outlines a roadmap to reach this vision and to achieve City's adopted science-based greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction targets. The CCAS includes a framework of six components each having a vision, goals, shifts and actions.

Our targets

The CCAS outlines the actions that the City of Surrey will take, together with other levels of government and partners, to reach the City’s adopted GHG reduction targets, and improve resilience to climate change impacts. These GHG targets are to:

  • Reduce Surrey’s community GHG emissions to net zero before 2050.
  • Reduce City of Surrey corporate GHG emissions to absolute zero before 2050.
  • Reduce Surrey’s community GHG emissions by 45% by 2030 compared with 2010 levels.

Sectoral targets for some CCAS components are also included in the Action Sheets and CCAS report.

Strategy components

Explore the vision, targets, goals, and shifts associated with each of the six strategy components. Actions supporting each of the shifts, including quick-starts that will be initiated within two years, are included in the strategy report. 

    Key documents and plans

    How the strategy was developed

    Read about the development of the CCAS, including past engagement summaries.


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