Image credit: Gailan Ngan, Double Hearing, 2017, clay, slips, glazes, metal stand, 128 cm x 89 cm x 51 cm. Photo by Dennis Ha. Collection of Surrey Art Gallery. Purchased with support of the Surrey Art Gallery Association.

Current & Upcoming Exhibitions

3 pink illustrations on gold background of South Asian women, from left to right: Laxmi Bai on a horse carrying a sword; Selvi driving a taxi; and Phoolan Devi, a bandit queen

Sandeep Johal: What If?

Step into a world reimagined with resilient South Asian women.

Painted red and black circle inspired by Coast Salish design showing two faces. Photograph of artist Phyllis Atkins beside it.

q̓ʷɑti̓cɑ: k̓ʷam̓k̓ʷəm̓ tə šxʷhəliʔ / Phyllis Atkins: Divine Connection

See life-and spirit-affirming artworks that draw from Coast Salish tradition and show the artist's connection to the world.

Image of PICS cultural exchange project participant Safaa embroidering

Seven Stories

Gratitude, family, and friendship come to life in this community art exhibition developed by Progressive Intercultural Community Services Society (PICS).

Installation view of I Spy a City at UrbanScreen

I Spy a City

Play "I spy" with sights from Surrey in these short and surprising animations.

Still from Manuel Piña's video work Naufragios

Manuel Piña: Naufragios

The ocean becomes a kaleidoscope in this moving video work.

Photograph of a red, blue, and yellow mural of Coast Salish design elements covering the top windows of Surrey Arts Centre.

Atheana Picha: Echoes

This window mural at the entrance to Surrey Arts Centre celebrates the cultural importance of Coast Salish mountain goat horn bracelets and the significance the animal has to the people from this territory. 

Pre-booked, Self-guided Exhibition Tours

Join us for pre-booked, self-guided exhibition tours as Surrey Art Gallery celebrates its 45th anniversary.

Past Exhibitions

James Lash: Night Crossing, Acrylic on canvas 36 x 48

Searching for Surrey

The Colour Collective presents their vision of many sites throughout Surrey and its surrounding region.

Don Hutchinson and Ying Yueh Chuang: Passages

Don Hutchinson and Ying-Yueh Chuang: Passages

Experience whimsical ceramic works from Don Hutchinson and Ying-Yueh Chuang.

Where We Have Been installation image

Where We Have Been

View works from the Gallery's Permanent Collection that explore place and identity.

SAG Elementary School Show 2020

Art by Surrey Elementary School Students - 2020

Showcasing a range of artwork from students of Surrey School District, Grades 1-7

Don Li Leger Counting the Steps of the Sun

Don Li-Leger: Counting the Steps of the Sun

View late works of painting and video from Surrey Civic Treasure Don Li-Leger.

Susan Point: Spindle Whorl

Susan Point: Spindle Whorl

Featuring over three decades of printmaking by Musqueam artist Susan Point.

Bert Monterona, Waves of Culture, 2019, acrylic on canvas

How Green is Your Muse?

The Filipino Music and Art Foundation present an exhibition of nature-themed artwork.

Faisal Anwar, CharBagh, 2019.

Faisal Anwar: CharBagh

Enjoy this outdoor projection art that uses social media to generate beautiful gardens.

Art installation of flourescent lights sitting on top of stacked sawhorses.

Garden in the Machine

Examine the complex relationship between computer technology and nature through digital art.


Cindy Mochizuki: Autumn Strawberry Residency

An artist-in-residence, Mochizuki will gather local berry farming stories from Japanese Canadians.