Shifting Perspectives captures the breadth of photographer and researcher Sylvia Grace Borda's practice over three decades. Borda's work, which explores the interrelationship between cameras, images, place-making, labour, and identity, is renowned for its intensive engagement with social and cultural histories. This book features texts which highlight and elaborate upon the scope of some of Borda's most expansive projects, such as This One's For the Farmer, Every Bus Stop in Surrey, and EK Modernism, with commentaries from academics, historians, and other specialists. Shifting Perspectives situates Borda’s art practice within regional and international contexts, as well as art histories, digital media, and community engagement.

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Catalogue: 218 pages, full colour

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ISBN: 978-1-77203-329-8 (paperback)

Contributors: Dorothy Barenscott, Liane Davison, Rachel Nordstrom, Ryan Stec, Jordan Strom, Ron Tamis, Rebecca Travis, Liz Wells

Slyvia Borda - Shifting Perspectives