Find out what's covered under the Bylaw & Licensing Services Division.

Our goal is to work with the community to achieve compliance with various bylaws to improve the quality of life for citizens of and visitors to the City of Surrey. We have had considerable success in resolving issues by using an integrated service approach, utilizing our own resources as well as other City Departments and government agencies.

We respond to complaints from the public and other government agencies, as well as proactively identify property use issues.

Our teams

Animal Control

Animal Control is responsible for enforcing bylaws relating to the care and control of animals. Their main focus is the Dog Responsibility Bylaw, but they also enforce bylaws relating to livestock and domesticated animals.

Business Licensing

Business Licensing ensures businesses locate in areas appropriate to their type of business.  It may also regulate how a business can operate.  Prior to issuing business licenses, the Bylaw & Licensing Services staff confirms that zoning, building and safety requirements are met.

Parking & Commercial Vehicle Enforcement

Parking & Commercial Vehicle Enforcement is responsible for ensuring compliance of City bylaws related to the use of City streets. This includes parking, truck routes and the movement of large commercial vehicles. The Highway & Traffic Bylaw No. 13007 regulates the use of all City of Surrey streets. This bylaw promotes public safety and traffic flow.

Property use

Property use bylaws ensure planning for a livable city including equal standards of safety and maintenance for all residential and commercial sites. Bylaw Enforcement Officers work with property and business owners to ensure that the requirements of Bylaws relating to zoning, business licensing, unsightly property and noise are met.

Bylaw Enforcement Notices

The City has implemented a Bylaw Adjudication System to resolve minor bylaw disputes at the local level rather than through the Provincial Court system. Learn how to pay or dispute a bylaw notice.

Report a problem

The Bylaw Enforcement Division does not respond to issues that are considered to be a civil matter.

Make a bylaw complaint in one of three ways:

  1. Call 604-591-4370
  2. Report a Problem online
  3. Email

Parking complaints 

Make a parking complaint: or 604-591-4352.

Bylaw Enforcement Witness Statement Form

This form is used to document information about an observed Bylaw violation or animal bite/attack.

Email the completed form to the Bylaw Enforcement Officer you have been in contact with, or send it to