Learn about Corporate Services and key areas that support the overall core deliverables of the City.

Department Overview

Corporate Services consists of key areas that support the overall core deliverables of the City. The department includes Human Resources, Information Technology, Legal Services, Legislative Services, and Bylaw & Licensing Services divisions.

Department Structure

Human Resources: responsible for recruiting talented individuals, administering benefits, overseeing organizational health and safety practices, addressing labour relations issues, employee communications, and developing the City’s diverse workforce.

Information Technology: responsible for enabling internal and external customers with appropriate technology, information, and applications to maximize business effectiveness. This includes Application Services, Business Solutions Services, and Infrastructure Services.

Legal Services: responsible for providing legal services and advice on matters associated with the City.

Legislative Services: responsible for ensuring the City conducts business in accordance with all levels of government legislation. Also responsible for carrying out the statutory responsibilities of the Corporate Officer as legislated under the Community Charter.

Legislative Services also prepares and distributes Council meeting agendas; records and preserves minutes of Council meetings and Council committees; and preserves, completes, and makes available to the public all municipal bylaws.

In addition, Legislative Services manages the City's compliance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy legislation, ​which includes managing the Corporate Records​ program and the City’s privacy practices, and responding to requests for information under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Pension and proof of life documents are also available through Legislative Services. Call 604-591-4132 or email clerks@surrey.ca to set up an appointment for these.

Legislative Services also coordinates and conducts municipal elections every four years to elect the City's Mayor and Council.

Bylaw & Licensing Services: responsible for the enforcement of regulatory bylaws, the issuance of business licenses, animal control functions, operation of the Surrey Animal Resource Centre and parking enforcement.

Using both complaints from the public and a proactive approach, enforcement staff focus on working with property owners to gain compliance for safety, maintenance, beautification and livability issues within the community.

This division is also responsible for the City’s corporate security services, which are in part delivered by contractors at City sites.



General Manager
Rob Costanzo
Phone: 604-590-7287

Director, Human Resources
Joey Brar
Phone: 604-591-4655
Email: humanresources@surrey.ca

Director, Information Technology
Sean Simpson
Phone: 604-591-4730

City Clerk, Legislative Services
Jennifer Ficocelli
Phone: 604-591-4380
Email: clerks@surrey.ca

Acting Manager, Public Safety Operations
Kim Marosevich
Phone: 604-591-4332

Administrative Coordinator

Melanie Reynolds
Phone: 604-591-4303
Email: melanie.reynolds@surrey.ca